5 PM UPDATE: The Apple event will begin in around an hour and Express.co.uk in Cupertino for this major keynote.

We will be bringing all the news live as it happens so keep checking back for all the latest iPhone news, gossip and release updates.

The iPhone 11 is about to be revealed to the world and Apple fans could be in for a treat.

The US technology firm has a major event scheduled for later today with many expecting three new devices to be revealed during its famous keynote.

Although nothing has yet been confirmed, we may see Apple releasing a new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro 11 Max.

All these smartphones could get a swathe of features and upgrades including improved cameras, more power under the hood and something called bilateral wireless charging.

Similar to Samsung’s PowerShare and Huawei’s reverse wireless charging, this option might allow Apple users to refill other devices and accessories by them simply being placed on top of the new iPhone.

As well as these features we could also see extra styles coming to the range with Apple teasing such an update on the invite sent to media.

Within the email were the words “By innovation only” along with a picture of a very colourful Apple logo.

We’ll find out full details from 6pm when the official launch gets underway at the Steve Jobs Theatre set within the grounds of Apple’s Cupertino headquarters.

But ahead of the launch here’s what fans may expect to see later today.

iPhone 11 – This device could replace the current entry-level iPhone XR.

If rumours are true it will feature a 6.1-inch screen, A13 processor and dual-lens rear camera.

A technology called bilateral charging could also be included which will allow this iPhone to refill other devices and accessories when placed back to back.

iPhone 11 Pro – This is maybe Apple’s new flagship with fans getting numerous extra features on this device.

Rumours suggest this phone will get a 5.8-inch screen, new A13 processor and bigger battery under the hood.

The Pro models also look set for a triple rear camera which could finally bring wide-angle photos and improved images in low light to users.

That bilateral charging is also expected along with the addition of Apple Pencil support which will allow fans to scribble on the screen without using their fingers.

iPhone 11 Pro Max – Finally there’s the iPhone 11 Pro Max. This device could get all the feature of the new iPhone 11 Pro but with a bigger 6.5-inch included.

express.co.uk will be at the event in the Steve Jobs Theatre and will bring you all the news live as it happens.