The PS3 famously launched at an eye-watering $599 price tag, which led to early sales taking a hit with the Xbox 360 priced much more appealingly.

Sony learnt that lesson though, with the PS4 going on to launch at $399 in 2013 – which was $100 less than the Xbox One.

That price undercut, along with controversial plans for Xbox One gamers to log in every day and a radical attitude to physical games, gave the PS4 an early lead.

And it’s a sales lead they have not given up ever since, with the PS4 selling over 110million units and becoming the second best selling home console of all time.

Elsewhere the Xbox One is predicted to have sold less than 50million units, which is less than the Nintendo Switch has done despite launching over three years.

Sony surely will have learnt from the mistakes of the PS3 and won’t be willing to slap on a price tag that could put off gamers.