O2 customers could soon see their monthly bill rise thanks to a new price plan change the mobile network giant are about to enforce. Currently O2 offers some big savings via their Family Plan. This plan is perfect for families who are all using O2 as their mobile provider as it offers increasing levels of savings as more people sign up.

The person that sets up an O2 Family Plan doesn’t make a saving, but there are increasing savings for those that are added to it.

The first additional plan gets a 10 percent saving for their monthly mobile bill, with the second person getting a 20 percent discount, the third receiving a 30 percent saving and the fourth seeing their bill cut by a whopping 40 percent.

That’s the maximum discount the O2 Family Plan currently offers, with a maximum of 20 connections able to be added onto the plan.

For a big family that offers quite a hefty saving, however next month this will all be changing at O2.

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As reported on in a post by ISPreview, O2 are removing the 30 and 40 percent discount rates from their Family Plan.

And instead they will be introducing a flat 20 percent discount that gets applied for every eligible Pay Monthly connection added to a Family Plan.

A statement on O2’s website reads: “Our Family Plan discount is changing.

“From 10 September you’ll get 20 percent off the Airtime Plan of every eligible Pay Monthly connection you add to your Family Plan. You can still add up to 20 connections.

“If you currently have a Family Plan discount, this won’t change until you upgrade”.

For smaller families, this could come as a welcome move as it bypasses the 10 percent discount tier and goes straight to the 20 percent discount.

But for larger families that already are enjoying the 30 percent and 40 percent savings that the O2 Family Plan brings this will add a fair bit to their monthly bill when they have to upgrade.

If you want to take advantage of the current Family Plan offering before O2 switches it over to the latest discounts then you can do so.

As explained on the O2 Family Plan website: “Before 10 September, you’ll get 10 percent – 40 percent off the Airtime Plan of every new eligible Pay Monthly connection you add to your Family Plan. You can add up to 20 connections.”

In other mobile network news, Ofcom recently published a study looking at the customer satisfaction ratings for mobile and broadband providers.

For internet, the number one provider was PlusNet with a 93 percent customer satisfaction rating in 2020.

For mobile network satisfaction, Tesco were in the number one position with an impressive 97 percent customer satisfaction rating followed by giffgaff (95 percent).

O2, EE and Virgin were in joint third place on 93 percent followed by Vodafone (90 percent) and then Three (89 percent).