Observation–A16z led project Sophon NFT advantage analysis

Since 2021, NFT has broken through the traditional Crypto market and turned the world’s attention to its uniqueness as a new opportunity for both entertainment, music and artistic creation. the emergence of NFT provides assurance of on-chain asset validation and gives proof of everyone’s digital assets.

Despite the continued downturn in the cryptocurrency market so far this year, the revolution around Crypto is underway and unstoppable. In the future, the digital property rights represented by NFT will become very important.

Recently, a new force has suddenly emerged in the NFT market – Sophon NFT.

It is understood that SophonNFT is an NFT co-governance protocol, Sophon NFT Protocal, jointly sponsored by Nations, AiGuild DAO, Spark Union, Love DAO, TigerVC DAO and other native Web3 autonomous organizations, and led by many head organizations such as a16z.

The total number of Sophon NFTs issued is 9999, of which 999 are Genesis NFTs. According to the official news, the Mint qualification is now open to 21 high-quality crypto communities and institutions that are eager to participate in the eco-building of Sophon, and the holders of these 21 Sophon Genesis NFTs will form the first phase of the Sophon NFT Governance Committee (which will be renewed every 3 months), and the subsequent Mint permission of each Genesis NFT will need to be initiated after the official application and approved by the Governance Committee.

From the official roadmap disclosed, Sophon’s goal is very clear, that is, based on the “Sophon community building”, to create a long-term development potential of Web3.0 diversified application community, and by the community as the main body to build and own. According to the development of the community, Sophon NFT is the community pass of Web3 autonomous organization, and the holder can enjoy the rights and interests of the community.

For the NFT market to sustain itself, it must have real value – whether it’s allowing users to dig deeper and analyze data, or providing a channel for potential users to generate steady revenue. Among Sophon’s many eco-partnerships, one of the most important is undoubtedly AiGuid, which focuses on GameFi eco-gains.

If YEarn Finance is the best of the DeFi revenue aggregators, AiGuild is the best revenue aggregation program in the GameFi ecosystem right now.

AiGuild originated from a game research organization in South Korea and is dedicated to building an integrated game guild ecosystem.

AiGuild attempts to further revolutionize the GameFi system by building an infrastructure and seeks to leverage their hardware advantage to create a hardware-based Web 3 gaming platform with an open and easy-to-use SDK and API to empower the GameFi industry.

AiGuild is a high-speed and stable game computing and storage service network based on edge computing, which can help users customize the best game combination and playing strategy in GameFi, and all the revenue will be The official token, AIG, is used to settle all the proceeds to users, making it easy for them to cash in on the value.

Good ‘benefitability’ is the ‘holy grail’ of the Sophon program, and the concept of benefitability is actually based on the idea of value transfer. How do you bring extra value to the person who owns the NFT? So that when you sell it, the next person can get value too. This is where the true utility of an NFT lies.

In addition, anything of any meaning or value comes from a consensus-based community or society, and the emergence of digital communities in the Web3 era is undoubtedly another step forward for society. In the future, as more niche communities discover the benefits of NFTs for community building, NFTs will also drive the next round of mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, and eventually Web3 and NFTs will unleash the era of creative sovereignty.

With the expansion of Sophon’s global ecological layout and the accumulation of loyal users in the community, Sophon NFT, as the only credential of the community alliance, will have more ecological value with the expansion of the market, and early holders will receive faster and higher considerable income, so we can continue to look forward to the subsequent performance of Sophon’s ecology.

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