Officials of India’s Ministry of Commerce Visited Cacashop Group Headquarters to Promote Made in India to the World

According to a May 2, 2023 report, a joint industry and brand delegation organized by officials from the Indian Ministry of Commerce visited Cacashop to explore the management and development experience of cross-border e-commerce in the local industry sector, strengthen the competitiveness of Indian companies, drive a shift in local employment and investment patterns, and explore opportunities for cooperation.

It is reported that CEO of Cacashop accompanied the delegation to visit the company’s warehouse center and operation center, and introduced the overview of Cacashop, development model, incubation service system and international exchange and cooperation, and explained the main business of the company through the surround projection in the audio-visual room, and gave detailed answers to the questions of Indian delegates.

Cacashop emphasized that its platform attaches great importance to the Indian market and provides various forms of support to Indian manufacturers and Indian sellers certified by the platform. It also showed the Indian side the attractive services and measures provided to promote the development and progress of enterprises.

Officials of India’s Ministry of Commerce said that by actively and deeply participating in the cross-border e-commerce industry, enhancing production capacity and selling more Indian goods to the world, it is expected to bring millions of jobs to India, allowing the world to enjoy Made in India and strengthening India’s influence in the world.

Officials of the Indian Ministry of Commerce focused on Cacashop’s new retail cross-border e-commerce business and gave full recognition to the Technology Department’s innovative cross-border retail model. Based on cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things, they believe Cacashop will provide India with digital intelligence development solutions that can be used as a reference to help thousands of industries in the local market to digitally transform and upgrade for high-quality development.

They said, “Cacashop is a highly regarded cross-border e-commerce platform in the global market, and we are happy to come to a company that is full of passion and energy. In the process of building the Indian industry in the future, we can surely gain a lot of experience from it.”

After the site visit and lively talk, Cacashop’s supply logistics, personalized service and development concept were highly evaluated by the Ministry of Commerce officials and their delegation, and they hoped to strengthen the exchange and implementation on resources and result sharing. Taking this as an opportunity, both sides will carry out multi-level synergistic cooperation, and the Indian side will provide more preferential policies for Cacashop.

The CEO of Cacashop revealed: “India, as a global population power, is full of innovation and vitality, with unlimited possibilities. Made in India is very important to Cacashop’s global strategic layout, will further increase investment, optimize the layout, and continue to work with Indian partners around the industry chain supply chain stability as well as manufacturing research and development, commercial retail, etc., to bring more Made in India to the world, and is expected to authorize more than 200,000 certified individual sellers in India within three years, so that more Indian people can get continuous income and create more more jobs and achieve win-win development.”

Company Name: CACASHOP

Country: Canada


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