On June 29, 2019, the launching ceremony of the OMS Smart International Platform Business Plan was held in the UK and was a complete success. The conference gathered at the top of the world’s top industry, internationally renowned blockchain technology team, financial investment experts, domestic and foreign media and other guests 1000+, to analyze new financial trends and bring multi-dimensional blockchain financial content matrix share it. The blockchain reshapes finance and focuses on the blockchain finance industry chain. The scene has opened a feast of new financial ideas.


OMS team sponsor Paul Oya said at the meeting, “Before 2019, the team will move from technology-driven to industry-driven, actively seeking breakthroughs in the industry, and launching vertical applications to transform the overall solution into a scenario.” Markets in the Asia Pacific region and around the world are driving the adoption of commercial applications. On-site industry experts have said that OMS has long cultivated blockchain technology and has a deep understanding of high-frequency trading, financial investment, digital assets, etc. In the practice of blockchain practice, OMS is the world’s leading domestic good policy and legal environment. The developed and highly trusted real economy environment is very suitable for the exploration of high-frequency trading of digital assets and full confidence in the future development of OMS.