On 15 July, Magician, the NFT track unicorn, will open its Magic Box pre-sale

In 2021, the term NFT became the best search keyword of the year on the Internet. One of the most valuable NFT projects, “Boring Ape”, not only gains huge wealth in the short term, but also has high artistic value. Today, the NFT track is still prosperous. In the turbulent 2022, NFTs will rise against the trend, and the total transaction volume will exceed 60 billion US dollars.

When NFT entered the outbreak period, the number of NFT projects and newly issued NFT assets in the market showed an explosive growth. Under the strong market demand, NFT trading platforms have sprung up. However, these emerging NFT trading platforms are similar and have no flash points, so it is difficult to stand out in the fiercely competitive NFT track. Moreover, there are natural barriers in major public chains, like isolated islands, NFTs are difficult to circulate freely, which is extremely unfavorable to the development of NFTs.

Magician: Focus on the digital economy and create an NFT decentralized multi-chain transaction ecosystem

Magician is a decentralized multi-chain trading platform for NFT, which was initiated by the Miami DAO Offshore Fund, bringing together top blockchain technicians and relying on the Binance Smart Chain to build a multi-chain trading platform that int egrates NFT trading, collecting and casting.

On July 15, 2022, Magician will open the pre-sale of NFT Magic Box, a new game created by Magician, in which users can acquire NFT Magic Box and platform pass MFS through a rush purchase. 20,000 NFT Magic Boxes will be issued in limited quantity, and the pre-sale will be divided into two phases, with 10,000 units in each phase. After the first pre-sale, the platform pass MFS will go live on PancakeSwap, and after the second pre-sale, magician NFT de-neutralised multi-chain trading platform goes live to start NFT collectibles trading and de-neutralised coin trading.

In the NFT field, the driving force of transactions is profit, so in the profit-seeking market, NFT projects with popular IPs are naturally more popular, while unpopular and niche projects are uninterested and eventually die. If things go on like this, one or several projects will dominate the NFT field, seriously undermining the diversity of the NFT market and threatening the entire ecology.

Magician discovered this potential crisis and took the lead in integrating the NFT magic box gameplay in the existing NFT trading methods. Users can obtain NFT magic boxes and platform tokens by snapping up. This uncertainty stimulates consumers’ desire to buy and repurchase, and also provides a new sales channel for niche NFT projects. Magician itself is advanced and trendy, and its novel business model makes Magician attract the attention of the industry. In addition, Magician also enriches the financial attributes of NFTs and realizes the value transfer of NFTs.

Rich Magician ecology, it’s about Web3.0

The metaverse is one of the best applications in the field of NFTs, where games, user-generated content, art, finance, avatars, multiplayer games and social are all concepts with tangible value to players. Magician will deploy the metaverse field, launch a series of metaverse games, and help game users generate NFT assets quickly.

In addition, Magician will also launch a decentralized exchange, Magician Swap, a system smart contract that provides liquidity transactions. Users can trade between Token assets through Magician Swap. At the same time, NFT assets generated through the metaverse game will also be available in the Trading in Magician Swap truly realizes earning while playing.

Magician will also open decentralized currency trading. Currency trading is mainly for transactions between virtual currency and virtual currency, and one currency is used as the unit of measurement to purchase other currencies. Its rules are matching transactions in the order of price priority and time priority, which can effectively reduce the cost of currency exchange and save economic and time costs. Users can conduct decentralized currency transactions in Magician Swap, and directly realize the exchange between digital assets, which is convenient and fast.

A new era of NFT is about to come. From the perspective of Magician ecology, it is not difficult to find the development trend of the NFT trading market. In the short term, the market needs to be further aggregated and expanded to realize the value transfer of NFT in the entire ecosystem of the block chain, and give NFT transactions a new value, Potential energy, and at the same time continue to innovate on the existing model, giving more liquidity to NFT assets.

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