The next chapter in the OnePlus story will take place in a few weeks time with the firm set to reveal its all-new OnePlus 7.

The Chinese technology firm has just released full details of its next launch event with Tuesday, May 14 the date that fans should definitely put in their diaries.

An invite sent out to world’s media appears to show a curved glass phone and also features the phrase “Go Beyond Speed”.

Things will kick off at 4pm GMT with keynotes taking place in London, New York, Bangalore and Beijing.

As with previous OnePlus launches the technology company is offering fans the chance to attend the events with tickets now on sale via its website.

Those wanting to be some of the first to get their hands on the OnePlus can purchase a ticket for £16.

That’s the early bird price with OnePlus saying that costs will increase from April 25.

Previous OnePlus launch events have seen tickets sell out fast with last year’s tickets to the London keynote being snapped up in just 10 hours.

So what can we expect to see announced on May 14?

Although not confirmed it seems OnePlus will announce two versions of its OnePlus 7 smartphone including a standard model and a Pro version.

Rumours suggest that the entry-level OnePlus 7 will look very similar to the current OnePlus 6T with the only major changes arriving in the form of a triple rear camera and much faster Qualcomm 855 processor.

If you want a device that’s radically different then the OnePlus 7 Pro could be the phone to watch out for.

This flagship looks almost certain to include a fully edge-to-edge screen that will be completely free from a notch or hole-punched camera.

With no front-facing camera in sight, it seems OnePlus could opt for a pop-up lens that rises from the top of the phone.

OnePlus has also hinted that their next phone will include a much better display.

In fact, OnePlus CEO founder and CEO, Pete Lau, has already declared the tech giant’s next phone will “utilise all-new display technology” and iterated significant investment has been made in this area.

In a tweet, he said: “Indeed, our new product will utilise all-new display technology.

“We have invested significantly (technology is 3-times the cost of other flagship displays) in developing the technology just for OnePlus, a flagship screen experience that is truly best in the world.”

The biggest change rumoured to be in store for the 7 Pro’s display concerns its refresh rate; it has been speculated the hardware could boast a 90hz refresh rate as opposed to the 60hz present in most other smartphones.

Refresh rate in hz refers to the amount of times a screen refreshes every second – the higher the figure the smoother navigating a phone’s user interface will be.

Apple has already improved the refresh rate of its iPads with its Pro model in particular boasting what the firm dubs its ProMotion display that is 120hz.

We’ll find out full details on May 14 and will be at the OnePlus event to bring you all the latest news and gossip.