Open the strategic opportunity of digital finance, and YBIT reconstructs the financial world with technology

Digital finance and blockchain technology are becoming the trend of the times. The financial model of accelerating layout transformation enables more investors to predict the future. In recent years, digital currency markets based on the underlying technology of blockchain, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, have experienced explosive development and overturned the traditional investment methods. The blockchain based digital currency and its derivatives market has huge potential. The booming digital asset market is eager for better financial market infrastructure, while investors are increasingly demanding the security, convenience and reliability of digital currency accounts, In this context, a more secure financial circulation of YBIT came into being.

Insight into investment laws, and YBIT and wealth fission dance together

YBIT is a professional digital currency options quantitative trading institution registered in Singapore. It has financial business entities in both the United States and Singapore. Since its establishment, it has always focused on systematic trading in the global digital currency, futures and options markets. By building a payment system and enriching wealth management products, it has gradually built a complete ecosystem to provide users with digital asset storage, trading, wealth management, OTC services, platform level custody, fixed income Comprehensive services such as structured solutions. Relying on the investment support of the Millennium Capital Foundation of the United States, YBIT systematically uses a series of market efficiency, quantitative technology and innovative technology to bring outstanding risk adjusted performance to global investors through the layout of global high return options professional products.

Grasp the changes of risks and build global digital finance

Focusing on the digital economy industry with digital currency as the core, YBIT has the world’s top option quantification team and professional financial level transaction architecture. The self-developed high concurrency and fast matching transaction engine can bring transaction speed higher than one million transactions per second. The platform adopts a full cold rechargeable wallet system+high protection DDOS attack system and other transaction architectures, Open and powerful APIs support users to achieve more efficient trading strategies and wealth management solutions. Safe and reliable high-quality digital asset transactions and derivatives and convenient and fast OTC services bring users a five-star trading experience, making YBIT a safe, convenient and reliable high-end blockchain integrated exchange in the minds of investors.

Powered by distributed storage, digital finance brings benefits to people’s livelihood

The emergence of blockchain technology has brought a safe moat for financial digital and provided comprehensive investment and financing services for high net worth users. On the premise of protecting investors’ privacy with blockchain technology, YBIT aims to solve the trust problem of digital financial activities, provide revolutionary distributed digital financial services, provide excellent investment opportunities and better life experience for global investors. Let more people of different nationalities and backgrounds easily and safely participate in the digital asset market, so that financial investment can avoid social impacts to the maximum extent, achieve constant and doubled investor wealth, and continue to promote the development of the world economy.

In the tide of science and technology, digital change is inevitable. As a financial institution based on compliance, YBIT focuses on providing global digital asset holders, financial institutions and natural person users with a complete solution for secure storage of encrypted assets and quantitative benefits. To reshape the financial credibility boundary, YBIT makes full use of digital innovation and financial development rules to actively embrace opportunities and challenges from the future. To strengthen the core and security, YBIT is bringing more possible investment layout to global investors, promoting the development of digital economy, and bringing more efficiency to wealth appreciation!

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