Those about to embark on a holiday will most likely not want to check their emails. A good idea to manage your email is to set-up an out of office reply in Outlook on your computer.

An out of office reply means anyone who sends you an email will receive an automatic response informing them of your unavailability.

Microsoft’s Outlook platform lets you create custom replies.

These can be automatically sent to anyone who emails you.

Users can also specify a custom date period during which the Microsoft app should manage your emails for you.

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Now set the automated out of office reply under the Outside My Organisation tab.

This is for people outside your company such as clients and suppliers.

You can copy what you typed in for Inside My Organisation or you can put something else for people outside your company.

There is even an option of un-ticking the Auto-Reply box should you not wish to send them an automatic reply while you are away.

Outlook users can also set different automatic out of office replies for different people.

This can be achieved by clicking the Rules button in the bottom-left corner and add a rule for each person or email subject.