Overwatch publisher Blizzard has just unveiled the ultimate new item for Genji fans.

Fans can pre-order a replica of Genji’s sword, complete with LED lights, motion sound effects and more.

The news was announced on the Overwatch Twitter page: “Pre-purchase the all-new Ultimate Genji Sword featuring LED illumination, motion sound effects, and a decorative stand to look good both in and out of action.”

Releasing in time for Christmas, the Ultimate Genji Sword is available from the Blizzard store for £180.

Fans are limited to ten per customer, and are unable to use any special offers.

You can take a closer look at the sword below…

“Life and death balance on the edge of my blade,” reads the official description.

“The death of his father nearly resulted in his own. Transformed into a living weapon by Overwatch, Genji set about the task of dismantling his family’s criminal empire.

“After his mission was completed, he abandoned Overwatch to wander the world. Even he cannot say where his path will lead.”

The sword is unveiled ahead of the 2018 Halloween Terror event.

In a recent developer diary, Kaplan told fans to expect the Halloween Terror event soon.

Last year’s Halloween event had an October 10 release date, so expect this year’s version to launch on October 9 or October 16.

Kaplan also hinted at a brand new skin, telling fans that Junkenstein’s Monster would finally have a bride.

Halloween Terror also means the return of the Junkenstein’s Revenge game mode.