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Sony has unveiled its brand new range of Bravia television sets for 2023, and it’s great news for PS5 owners. The next set of Sony Bravia XR TVs will all come with exclusive features that are said to take PlayStation 5 gaming to the next level. This includes a detailed Auto Genre Picture Mode, which provides optimised picture quality, performance and colour depending on the type of game that’s being played, and whether you’re gaming or streaming.

In addition to Auto Genre Picture Mode, the XR range will brighten up those next-gen games with Auto HDR Tone Mapping. Ultimately, this feature will make colourful games like Horizon Forbidden West look brighter and more vivid, while giving a softer and more realistic finish to titles that aim to better recreate a real-world environment.

Another neat touch is the inclusion of a dedicated Game Menu, which should make the PS5 customisation process much more painless.

Among other things, the Game Menu lets you easily select whether to enable or disable variable refresh rates, and whether you apply automatic motion blur reduction.

If you’re struggling to spot enemy campers, or monsters lurking in the darkness of your latest survival horror adventure, the game menu lets you increase the brightness in specific dark areas of the screen.

Sony is also keen to showcase its new customisable Screen Size feature, which essentially lets you play with a smaller, focused screen. This could be useful when playing older games with more of a pixel-based presentation. We’ll find out for sure when the reviews start to go live.

Finally, Sony has confirmed that the flagship A95L model will come with a Multi-View feature for gamers.

With the Multi-View function enabled, fans can actually watch walkthrough videos and gameplay guides while playing games.

This is ideal if you’re stuck on a certain section, struggling with a boss fight, or trying to figure out the location of hidden items.

I could have done with this when trying to find the Shrines in Zelda Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch, or the collectibles in God of War Ragnarok.

The new Sony Bravia XR range will be available to buy from retailers very soon.

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