Huawei has announced EMUI 10, the next generation of its software that will run on top of Android Q.

EMUI 10 totes a refined aesthetic over EMUI 9.1 that currently runs on the Huawei P20 Pro, Mate 20 Pro and P30 Pro.

During its Development Conference in the Chinese industrial city of Dongguan, Huawei highlighted EMUI 10’s refined dark mode as one of its signature features.

Unfortunately, the firm did not discuss what differences, if any, the feature has over the black theme currently present in its EMUI 9 software.

Other details about EMUI 10’s feature set were scarce during the firm’s developer keynote.

However, EMUI 10 is anticipated to boast a range of Google’s new additions for Q.

This means Huawei devices will presumably be treated to improved notifications, refined permissions and new gesture navigations.

The Chinese tech giant confirmed EMUI 10 will launch in beta form for the P30 series on September 8.

Furthermore, the new skin was confirmed to be “embedded” in Huawei’s next Mate flagship.

It was said the Mate 20 Pro would receive the software “soon” – no dates were provided for the P20 Pro.

Huawei has already expressed confidence the P20 Pro will be granted EMUI 10 running on top of Android Q, it is just unclear when this will happen.