Pan American Blockchain Summit Launches and Fintoch Team Honored with DeFi Contribution of the Year Award

In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto proposed the concept of “blockchain” and created the Bitcoin network in 2009. The shared value system of blockchain has since been emulated and improved by a large number of cryptocurrencies, accelerating the boom of blockchain.

The “2021 Pan American Blockchain Summit” from North America has been officially launched recently, and the main objective is to promote the accelerated progress of blockchain. The forum also discussed the current state of the blockchain industry, how to overcome the difficulties, the meta-universe boom, the rise of NFT, the future direction of the market, and how to make effective and mutually supportive links with traditional finance, which will be the focus of this forum.

Pan American Blockchain Summit Launches and Fintoch Team Honored with DeFi Contribution of the Year Award

The winners of this award are all people and teams with a considerable degree of strength, and also support a piece of the sky in their respective fields, the most noteworthy of which is the Fintoch team from Silicon Valley and its founder Bob Lambert.

Bob Lambert graduated from Stanford University and with the ambition to build a financial public chain that could benefit people around the world, co-founded DF with Bruce, Alvin and other friends to advance blockchain technology. They developed the new HyBriid secure smart contract technology, which greatly enhances the security of the blockchain and makes the DeFi project shine again.

It is also because the Fintoch team has developed an exclusive Hybriid security technology that combines “multiple signature” technology that requires two of the three parties – the borrower, the platform and the supervisory node – to sign and authorize the transfer of funds, and “zero knowledge proof” technology that prevents private collusion between the borrower and the supervisory node, reducing the risk of fund theft to near zero and perfectly solving the DeFi transaction pain points. This makes DeFi hot and I believe the market will reach a new peak.

The Fintoch team’s spirit of continuous technological innovation has played an important role in laying the foundation for the stability of the blockchain, and has been recognized with the [DeFi Technology Contribution of the Year Award] at the 2021 “Pan American Blockchain Summit”.

The event gathered talents from blockchain-related industries from various countries, and of course, representatives from traditional financial companies and banks came here to look for various investment and cooperation opportunities, such as Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Citi and other well-known large companies were present to participate.

Jorge, a vice president from Morgan Stanley in New York, and analysts have noticed the Fintoch team’s HyBriid security technology and are quite optimistic about its future and development. During the exchange with the founder of DF, Bob Lambert, they coincidentally found out that both of them are alumni graduated from Stanford University. After opening a common topic, they immediately drew closer and had a good conversation, and discussed the future of blockchain, the integration of on-chain and off-line reality, and the cooperation between traditional finance and decentralized finance and of course discussed to imagine a bright future for Fintoch.

The two confessed that they had a good conversation on various topics during the summit. If there is a chance to cooperate in the future, they can integrate and link traditional finance with DeFi technology, which is believed to have a great effect on the economic development of the chain and offline.

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