Parallell Prepares to Launch First Photorealistic 5D, Cinematic Metaverse

Welcome to PARALLELL, a cosmic playground of immersive wonders beautifully executed by the award-winning virtual reality studio, ZOAN. Based in Helsinki, Finland, ZOAN is a leading VR studio working with companies such as Microsoft, Meta, and Nike Global. The mythology and unique planetary system of the world is created by Pixlhaus, former storytellers and video game designers from Warner Bros. Animation, Sony Pictures Entertainment and 20th Century Fox.

This robust and ever-expanding immersive experience takes users on a gamified adventure within photorealistic worlds. The team has emphasized story, lore and characters for world-building, with a goal of having visitors and residents live, work, play and learn in their space–not just buy and sell digital goods. PARALLELL is a unique photorealistic and cinematic metaverse created with the cutting-edge technology of Unreal Engine 5. 

The Parallell project is not just a single world, it’s an entire galaxy of multiple planets. Each is a parallel reality with varying levels of realism, gameplay and interactive experiences. 
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The project strives to develop a space where users can feel safe and respected while maintaining their privacy. They are tackling how they can mitigate harm from harassment, bullies and scammers that plague other online platforms. 

A Regulated Financial Zone for Luxury Brands in the Metaverse

The team also stresses the protection of intellectual property, for both physical and digital property. Instead of just creating a digital twin or clone of real-world property and assets, they seek to partner with real world property holders to create a Parallell counterpart. The same holds true for working with real world brands and services. 

In fact, they intend to comply with financial and regulatory requirements to facilitate financial transactions and investment services in the metaverse. Through a strategic partnership, they are currently in the process of becoming the first regulated and compliant metaverse through a special economic zone. 

The Ever-expanding Parallell Metaverse

The team is preparing the BETA release of the Parallell Metaverse in a couple of months, following the recently completed Cerro Tusa. As the first digital twin of Mother Earth in Parallell’s expansive galaxy, Cerro Tusa is a luxury resort seated at the base of the largest natural pyramid on Earth (located in Venecia, Colombia, sitting on 33 hectares of land) recreated in the Parallell Metaverse. 

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The team is also currently developing a space station “PSS UTOPIUM”, the first landing station of Parallell’s space pioneers. UTOPIUM is a luxury resort, residence, and travel destination conveniently located in a floating mall of the future. According to the team, Utopium will offer gaming, shopping, and a richly engaging entertainment experience.

Cerro Tusa, Utopium and Cornerstone land, are the first worlds to be explored in the Parallell multi-metaverse. Users can travel between these worlds, accessed via portals placed in randomized locations. The Worlds and portals are accessible with unique digital passports that are NFTS. 

Parallell, like other metaverses, will offer defi, gamefi and NFTs to their users, including the integration of these tools as part of the story. The team leans on its experience and skills in game development to create crafted and themed experiences, much like how games create immersive and dynamic worlds.

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All of the Parallel worlds are connected via portals placed in random locations and are only accessible with Digital Passports (NFTS). The Digital Passports, which are dropping in a couple of weeks, are more than verifiable collectibles. Users also acquire utility functions within the Parallell’s ever-growing ecosystem. Passports utilities include planet entry, energy to stream, staking rewards to name a few.

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During the pandemic, we shifted the way we work, shop, learn, play and meet to a hybrid physical and digital paradigm. The metaverse will allow us to perform many functions that only a few years ago would seem, well…futuristic. Parallell is representing the next phase of metaverses that cater not just to speculators, early adopters and crypto anarchists, but to the rest of web2 eager to be part of the brave new world. Parallell wants to be a place you can bring your real-world friends and family.

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