An ambitious new studio is currently hiring in the UK for what sounds to be a big PS4 games project.

Several job listings have been posted online that suggests just this, and reveal that it’s all going towards original PlayStation VR games.

The department for the new role is listed at a Manchester Studio but will be based mainly in London.

The Senior Level Designer post is currently open to applicants and appears to be for an existing team.

Anyone who wants to apply must have already shipped two games that have been deemed “Successful”.

The official blurb reads: “An exciting opportunity to join an ambitious new studio creating original games for PlayStation VR. Sony’s new VR studio is co-located in both Manchester & London.

“We are looking for an experienced senior level designer to join us in our London office. You will be skilled in creating level layouts, player objectives & enemy placements to deliver high quality, exciting missions.

“Having shipped several successful games, you will be excited by the prospect of applying your level design knowledge to Virtual Reality.”

Not much is know about Sony’s PlayStation VR game plans for 2019, but this could be part of an upcoming reveal.

However, while fans are hoping to hear more about Sony PlayStation’s plans for PSVR this year, it appears one project is getting a big free trial very soon.

Megalith launched earlier this month and brought the MOBA genre to the PlayStation VR.

The game currently has a pretty limited roster of “Titans” to use and is something that will need to change soon.

Plenty of feedback has been shared with developers Disruptive Games, who have confirmed what they are planning to do next.

This will include bringing new “Expansion” Titans to the game, which will be available to unlock in a number of ways.

“Expansion Titans can be purchased in the store but will also be earnable using earned currency the full game in a future patch,” a message from the development team reads.

“This gives players who own the full game the choice to grind out expansion Titans with free currency or purchase them immediately without a grind.

“We believe these upcoming changes will help reward players for their time investment as well open the gates for new players to experience Megalith.

“The ability to earn Thorn and Shade via earned currency will be released soon after the trial is deployed.

“We will share more information as we approach the release of these features.”

The other good news for PlayStation VR fans is that Disruptive Games are also planning to launch a new free trial of Megalith.

“We are working on a trial version of the game,” the dev statement adds.

“This will allow anyone to try Megalith for free and play with those who already own the full game.

“Players in the trial can also earn currency and unlock skins that will carry over to the full game if they chose to purchase it.

“Trial players will be limited to a hero rotation and will need to purchase the full game to have unrestricted access to the starting Titans.”