The Pokemon Go Egg Hatchathon is already underway; an early year event where more eggs occur and earn ramped-up rewards once hatched. The Adventure Sync Hatchathon will run until January 15 and is an easy way to earn extra Candy and Stardust. Players will additionally have a higher likelihood of landing five and ten km Eggs, which can hatch into characters including Elekid, Magby and Chansey.

Adventure Sync has fast become one of Pokemon Go’s most popular features.

Adventure Sync helps track players’ distance walked even when the augmented reality game is idle.

Pokemon Go previously only tracked your distance covered when the game was open, making it particularly helpful for hatching Eggs.

The update is doubly helpful as it frees up time while conserving your phone’s battery.

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Adventure Sync additionally generates a weekly round-up displaying Incubator and Candy progress, and other other useful statistics.

Players will also receive rewards whenever certain milestones are reached, an Egg is set to hatch, or a friend finds Candy.

The feature is also good news for lovers of healthy living: Adventure Sync can connect with Google Fit and Apple Health.

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The Pokemon Go January Community Day will coincide with the Adventure Sync Hatchathon.

The 2019 inaugural Community Day takes place on Saturday, January 12, and will enable increased spawns of the Gen 2 Water-type starter Totodile.

And the Community Day will also help hatch Eggs at a quarter of their usual necessary distance, meaning quantities of Candy and Stardust can be yours in conjunction with the Hatchathon bonus.

In a busy month for Pokemon Go, January has also see Niantic introduce a raft of Field Research tasks.

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As before, completion of enough Field Research tasks will result in a Research Breakthrough, enabling encounters with Legendary Pokemon.

The Legendaries feature two new inclusions Lugia and Ho-Oh, while Heatran will remain available in Raid Battles until January 15.

This Pokemon pair are available in addition to six other Legendary creatures: Articuno, Entei, Moltres, Raikou, Suicune and Zapdos.

Players can take their time catching these creatures, as they until the end of February to hunt them down.

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Niantic $1million Beyond Reality Developer Contest:

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has announced the Beyond Reality Developer Contest, promising a prize to win a portion of $1million.

The contest sees teams challenged to construct “an impactful geospatial augmented reality play experience with the Niantic Real World Platform“.

The application phase sees the ten teams with the best technical background and programming proficiency selected.

And the second stage provides ten team with access to the Niantic Real World Platform.

Finalists will work for a three-month period, before displaying the fruits other labour at a San Francisco expo.