The list of Pokemon in Sword and Shield is smaller than in previous games, making for a much smaller Pokedex.

Developers at Game Freak have talked about why these changes have been made and it sounds like they could do it again in future games.

But the limited Pokedex available has also spurred a few gamers into modding the title themselves, via Eurogamer, and adding in the missing Pokemon.

One Twitter account has posted news on the subject, saying that the process is doable but won’t be easy.

Nintendo is known to be against most kinds of game tampering, meaning that there could be risks involved when changing what is available in Sword and Shield.

The Twitter account named ScriesM has posted images of older Pokemon in Sword and Shield, albeit, without the right animations.

ScriesM says that they used the Let’s Go model to add Omastar, meaning the process of adding other missing Pokemon could be much harder.

“Animation on entering battle is pretty broken, but it works okay other than that,” the Twitter account adds.

“Obviously, stats are broken (didn’t fix the personal entry yet), and this was originally an edited Yamper that I didn’t bother giving legitimate moves…

“Bringing back old pokemon seems hard but doable to me.”

Since its launch, there has been much discussion regarding Game Freak’s decision to cut down the Pokemon included in Sword and Shield.

And it’s unclear at this point if changes will be made based on what has happened on Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Home will be the new App for fans to bring their Pokemon together in a new vault.

And there is no reason at this point to rule out certain Pokemon being added to future games when Home is brought online.

But these changes don’t seem to have stopped gamers from buying Pokemon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch.

It appears the franchise has remained as popular as ever, with early sales report from the UK offering positive updates.

According to GamesIndustry, Sword and Shield is now the second biggest launch for Pokémon games in UK history.

That puts it behind Sun and Moon, but it should be noted that the 3DS had sold a lot of units by that point.

Sun and Moon also had a few extra days of sales compared to the latest Pokemon game and digital download aren’t included.

The Nintendo Switch is still relatively new in comparison, and this early data makes it sound like Sword and Shield will help push Switch sales forward.

“Pokémon Sword alone is the UK No.1, and the biggest exclusive game of the year,” the report from GamesIndustry explains.

“In fact, Pokémon Sword is the third biggest boxed game launch of 2019, behind FIFA 20 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (which were released on multiple platforms).

“Pokémon Shield comes in at No.3. To confuse matters, the double pack — Pokémon Sword and Shield: Dual Edition — is listed separately and arrives at No.7. For the sake of the following analysis, we are going to combine the sales of the three listings (Sword, Shield and Dual Edition).

“However, as the ‘Dual Edition’ is a bundle of both Sword and Shield, we are putting in brackets what the numbers would be if you counted this version as double (as it includes both games).”