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Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition is launching on Nintendo Switch in Autumn.

So there is plenty of time for Square Enix to change their minds and bring it to other platforms.

And it certainly sounds like a great deal of new content will be wrapped up in the JRPG bundle for Nintendo fans.

“Ready for a grand adventure filled with memorable characters, an enchanting story and classic RPG gameplay that can be taken on the go?” the official description reads.

“This definitive version of the critically acclaimed game features the same sprawling content of the original, but with newly added character-specific stories, fully orchestrated field and battle music, and the ability to switch between not only between HD and retro-inspired 16-bit visuals but also Japanese and English voice track. “

This new definitive version will be the only version available on the Nintendo Switch, providing yet another reason to snap it up.

And Dragon Age XI has proven popular on other platforms already, having sold millions of copies since its initial release.

But while there may have been some bad news for PS4 gamers regarding Dragon Age XI S, there has also been good news concerning other projects.

The block-building role-playing game, Dragon Quest Builders 2, has been announced for both PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Including a new single-player campaign and an additional multiplayer building mode, the big sequel project is releasing to the PlayStation 4 on July 12, 2019.

Builders 2 will boast online multiplayer allowing up to four friends to play together and create.

Fans can also look forward to making bigger structures, building farms, as well as being able to divert flowing water to create new rivers, waterfalls and swimming spots.

Here’s more on the new story included in the 2019 release: “The evil Children of Hargon are determined to eradicate all creators and have outlawed the building, cooking, and creation of all things.

“In an attempt to spread their destructive dogma, the calamitous cult captures the builders of the world. All hope seems to be lost until you, a young apprentice builder, manage to escape from the clutches of evil.

“After washing up on the shores of the deserted Isle of Awakening, you encounter the spirited Malroth, a mysterious youth with no memory of his past.

“With the help of your fearless new friend, you embark on a grand adventure to gather the skills required to become a fully-fledged builder, but the road you build is paved with peril.

“Only you can defeat the Children of Hargon, uncover the secrets of Malroth’s past, and unravel the riddles of this mysterious land.”