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PS5 UK restock

PS5 customers are treated to some big restocks in the UK (Image: GETTY)

UPDATE 2: Argos and GAME aren’t the only retailers to restock the PlayStation 5 in the UK.

Very has also dropped PlayStation 5 stock. As PS5 UK Stock points out, there may even be an Amazon drop.

“As per usual, Very is a long process. Stock can take a while for it to actually release properly so just wait it out in the Waiting Room and don’t refresh the Waiting Room.

“Be persistent but remember you also have Argos and GAME today… Maybe Amazon as well.”

UPDATE: The PS5 is available from Argos, where customers can grab either a Disc or Digital-only console.

“PS5 is now in-stock at Argos (region-specific),” reads a PS5 UK Stock tweet.

“Use the app to add to your basket and search for local stores where its available. It’s region by region so yours won’t be available right away. Switch between delivery and collection to refresh app.”

ORIGINAL: The PlayStation 5 is back in stock in the UK, as retail giants like GAME and Argos finally put the console up for sale.

Remarkably, despite the PS5 launching almost a year ago, stock remains incredibly hard to come by.

Customers are still snapping up the device whenever a restock goes live, leading to continued shortages throughout the country.

Fortunately, two of the biggest retailers in the UK are about to restock the PS5.

It all begins at Argos, where bundles are already available for customers to add to their baskets.

The full stock drop is expected to go live from 8am BST onwards, so get your wallets ready for this massive restock.

“Here we go! Argos is preparing to drop this morning, finally,” reads a PS5 UK Stock tweet.

“You can move the PS5 to your Wallet now, then we estimate around 8am it will be officially live.”

Click the links below to get through to the PS5 landing page at Argos.

And don’t worry if you fail to nab a console at Argos, because that’s not the only retailer preparing for a restock.

GAME has also confirmed plans to restock the PS5 on the morning of September 14.

“Tomorrow morning, we will be going love with a selection of PlayStation 5 Disc and Digital consoles and bundles,” reads a GAME tweet from earlier this week.

“Due to the large amount of traffic, we operate a queuing system to make the process as smooth and fair as possible for our customers.

“If you try and order more than one console, any additional orders will be cancelled within 24 hours.”

To give yourself the best possible chance of securing a PS5 console from GAME, hit the link below to visit the store website.

Daily Express will continue to update this page once consoles become available. It’s also worth checking out the shopping tips below.

PlayStation 5 shopping tips when buying from GAME (via PS5 UK Stock)….

• Get familiar with the bundles, so you know which one to target first: Obscure bundles are easier to get, standalones almost impossible. [GAME]

• When alerted, click through to your first bundle of choice as quickly as possible, this will get you into the queue. [GAME] 

• If it says it’s failed when trying to checkout, it means that bundle is now OOS. So go back to the bundles and pick another one. [GAME]

• Checking out too much too quickly will give you a 30-60 second timeout, so don’t rush it. If this happens, just wait a bit then try again. [GAME]

PlayStation 5 general shopping tips…

• Login if you already have an account with the retailer.

• Use multiple devices wherever possible – desktop browser, laptop, tablet, smartphone.

• If the retailer has a dedicated app, download and use the app for purchasing a PS5.

• Sign up for retailer stock alerts where possible. Sites like ShopTo allow users to register interest.

• Follow stock checker accounts and websites, including PS5 UK Stock and Express Gaming.

The latest PS5 UK restock coincides with the release of PlayStation-exclusive Deathloop.

Developed by the team behind Dishonored and Prey, Deathloop sees rival assassins stuck in a murderous timeloop.

“In Deathloop, two rival assassins are trapped in a mysterious timeloop on the island of Blackreef, doomed to repeat the same day for eternity.

“As Colt, the only chance for escape is to end the cycle by assassinating eight key targets before the day resets. Learn from each cycle – try new paths, gather intel, and find new weapons and abilities. Do whatever it takes to break the loop.”

The game makes use of the PS5 DualSense controller, replicating weapon jamming via the adaptive triggers, as well as weather and environmental effects via haptic feedback.

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