If a new leak that surfaced this week proves correct, we might already know the UK PS5 price and release date details for the next PlayStation console. As we have seen over the past few years, a new PS5 leak emerged on a social media platform, which was largely ignored. It offered sweeping news on Sony’s plan for the PS5, including price and release date details. But there have been plenty of these supposed leaks over the previous months, and there’s no way of verifying them. And this makes it tough to work out if they are true, or just another online hoax trying to trick gamers.

The good news is that this latest leak may have had a piece of its information confirmed, meaning the rest can be taken seriously.

Part of the leak is reported to have included reference to Sony’s new company slogan for the PS5 release.

This would be “Time to Play” a somewhat believable change from “For the Players,” which is the current phrase used by Sony.

And it just so happens that a few PlayStation account have now started sporting this exact phrase, suggesting that this new leak could be real.

And if it is, we may already know the price of the PS5, the month it will be released and when it will be revealed.

According to the new leak, the PS5 price will be set at $499 in the United States and £449 in the United Kingdom.

Sony is only planning to launch one model of the PlayStation 5 in 2020 and this will be during October 2020.

The release date falling during October would line up with what we already know about Sony’s plans for a holiday 2020 launch.

And the idea that the PS5 will cost less than $500 seems pretty likely. But there are also a few problems with this new leak.

The leaked reportedly revealed news about Sony being at E3 2020, which we now know won’t be happening.

There is also talk of Microsoft having a second Xbox Series X model, which has yet to be announced.

This all makes it harder to tell if we should take this latest leak seriously or whether to write off.

The good news is that we won’t have to wait long to find out. The PS5 leak also reports that a reveal date has been set for the console in early February.

So if we haven’t heard anything about this in the coming weeks, we can probably move on wait for the next juicy tidbits.

For now, Sony has been limited in offering insights into its next console coming to the market this year.

We know that the PS5 will boast an SSD, meaning much shorter load times and less chance of breaking down.

We also know that the PS5 will include a number of cross-generational games, including titles like Dying Light 2.

The PlayStation VR will be compatible with the PS5, although we don’t know much about the next iteration of the virtual reality headset.