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PS5 will reportedly be back in stock on January 14 (Image: SONY)

Welcome back to our live PS5 stock updates. This next-gen console from Sony remains in short supply but continues to keep an eye on stock and will bring you all the latest news and updates below.

UPDATE 13: If you missed the PS5 restock at Smyths Toys recently then don’t worry, Sony are rumoured to be dropping plenty more PlayStation 5 stock soon.

According to the PS5 Central Twitter account, the recent Smyths Toys stock drop – which sold out in a minute’s time – is the first of many on the horizon.

In a post online the @DualSensor Twitter posted: “This is the start of many drops from now until end of January, then there will be more stock in February. Looks like Sony is really going to get lots of consoles out there from now until March. Hopefully enough to saturate the market & get all them scalpers & bots to **** off”.

Tesco are rumoured to be dropping more PS5 stock on January 16, with BT and EE rumoured to be getting a PS5 restock from January 17. And the GAME website could have hinted that the retailer will have PS5 stock available to purchase online by January 19.

UPDATE 12: It looks like PS5 fans could have found out a bit more about the next stock drop from GAME.

We previously reported that GAME had added a tonne of new PS5 bundles to their website, raising hopes that this could be a sign of an imminent stock drop.

And now the @UKPS5Notify Twitter account has highlighted some interesting small print on the GAME website which could hint stock will be arriving in the next few days.

In a series of tweets the account posted: “[Game #PlayStation5 update part 3] According to their website payments will start to be taken from 19th Jan, therefore we should hopefully expect to see this drop go live before then”.

The account also added: “Also the site suggests we’ll see up to 70 individual bundles (including just the consoles on their own) for this drop, so here’s hoping the #ps5 stock can be maintained for a little longer than a few minutes this time round!”

UPDATE 11: After the blink and you’ll miss it Smyths Toys restock, the next PS5 stock drop could be arriving shortly.

According to a post by the @PS5Instant Twitter account, Tesco could be getting a PS5 restock as early as today (Saturday January 16).

While BT and EE are rumoured to be getting PS5 restocks from January 17.

The PS5 UK Stock – Instant Updates Twitter posted: “Tesco drop rumored 16th. BT & EE have said 17th onwards. Don’t stay up late for the stock, but instead wake up early. I mean 8am early for it. We’re expecting further drops between the 14th and 21st. #PS5 #PS5drop #ps5stockuk #ps5restock #PS5drop #PS5uk”.

Hopefully the Tesco stock will last longer than the recent Smyths restock. According to Stock Informer, PS5 stock was only available at Smyths Toys for a minute before selling out.

UPDATE 10: Smyths Toys no longer has the PS5 listed as in stock and available for home delivery, with a number of gamers saying they did manage to secure an order on Friday night.

Many PlayStation fans reported trouble trying to get the PS5 even into their basket on the Smyths website, or having trouble processing the order once it was there.

Which led some people to thinking the ‘In Stock’ status was a glitch – but there were a number of gamers on Twitter who claimed they did secure an order, and posted grabs of their order confirmation. 

One tweeted: “I secured one lets gooooooo”.

And another posted: “I got mine!”

Smyths Toys later posted a message on their website which confirmed they did get stock on Friday.

The PS5 listing on the Smyths Toys website now has a message on it which says: “Update January 15th: All PlayStation 5 stock is now allocated. Our next available date is February 2021.”

UPDATE 9: Smyths Toys has just listed the PS5 as in stock and available to order for home delivery…however the console can’t be added to a shopping basket.

It looked like a PS5 restock finally arrived in the UK around 9pm UK time on Friday January 15.

However, despite Smyths Toys listing the PS5 as ‘In Stock’ were unable to add the console to our shopping cart.

And we weren’t the only ones with the @IGNUKDeals Twitter account posting: “Maybe PS5 stock at Smyths? I can’t get it to add to basket, try if you like”.

UPDATE 8: There could be some positive signs at GAME, with a tonne of new PS5 bundles being added online. 

This update to the GAME PS5 section was spotted by the @PS5Notify Twitter account, which deals with PlayStation 5 stock updates as well as Xbox Series X and S alerts.

And just recently the account tweeted: “It seems they have literally just added a hell of a lot more bundles. This drop could be imminent guys and gals!”

On the GAME website the PS5 bundles are listed as being available to order on January 31. However, this could merely be a placeholder date with stock becoming available before then.

GAME also listed a number of Xbox Series X bundles as being available to buy on January 31, and stock suddenly became available to buy way before then – on Friday January 15.

UPDATE 7: One PS5 stock tracker account is warning followers to be on the lookout for bogus listings on Amazon UK from marketplace sellers.

The PS5 Stock UK Twitter highlighted one listing that went live as gamers around the UK wait for the next stock drop to go live.

The listing claimed to be selling a PS5 for less than £200 – with the console’s RRP being £449 for the console with a 4K Blu-Ray disc drive, and £349 for the Digital version.

But, as the old adage goes, if it’s too good to be true it probably is. The @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter said: “HotStock has notified about a PS5 drop by Amazon UK for £179.99. Please do not purchase this as it is not the PS5. We’ll be investigating how this came into play. Thank you.”

The account later added: “We do not have anything against the company selling this product as they seem a legitimate business. However, the reasoning to the price is possibly due to faulty or broken PS5’s being sold. Again, we advise not to purchase any PS5’s under RRP unless it’s 2nd hand.”

UPDATE 6: More PS5 accessories have become available to buy once again as fans wait for a restock of PlayStation 5 consoles in the UK.

Stock Informer revealed that Currys got a recent restock of the DualSense controller and the PlayStation 5 HD Camera.

This isn’t the restock fans were hoping for, but there are rumours PS5 stock could be dropping anytime between now and January 21.

And as fans wait for the next big stock drop fans are spotting little signs that could show a PS5 restock is imminent.

Fans have noticed that both the Smyths Toys and Argos PS5 websites have been updated ever so slightly recently.

The Argos website has replaced a banner which said the PS5 was out of stock with a new option to purchase insurance on a PS5.

While Smyths Toys is now letting customers select the Home Delivery option on their PS5 product listing when this wasn’t available before.

These may seem like very minute updates – but fans have been left hoping these changes are being readied as retailers prepare for an imminent stock drop.

PS5 stock history for Smyths Toys

PS5 stock history for Smyths Toys shows how tough it was to bag an order (Image: STOCK INFORMER)

UPDATE 5: ShopTo is the latest retailer to re-stock PS5 accessories, although there’s still no sign of any consoles.

At the time of writing, the UK retailer has DualSense Controllers in stock for £59.85, as well as the PS5 HD Camera for £46.85.

The PlayStation 5 Media Remote is also currently in stock, although the website warns that availability is low.

While this isn’t the PS5 console re-stock that customers were hoping for, the fact that PlayStation 5 accessories are starting to make an appearance is a good sign that new stock is on the way.

UPDATE 4: PS5 customers have been flooding Argos with requests for PlayStation stock updates.

Unfortunately, however, one Argos spokesperson has told fans to ignore the rumours and continue to check the website for PS5 stock.

“We can confirm to you that we do not have any stock information available to us, for any items, and have not been advised about stock for PS5’s,” reads an Argos tweet.

“Please ignore rumours. Stock will show on the website when we have it to sell.”

UPDATE 3: In more good PS5 stock news, Smyths has re-stocked the popular Pulse 3D Wireless Headset.

Available now for home delivery, the PlayStation 5 headset costs £89.99 at Smyths. Clearly the retailer has had a shipment of official PS5 products, so fingers crossed it also includes the consoles.

UPDATE 2: PS5 consoles are still MIA, but PlayStation 5 accessories have started to go on sale at various retailers.

Smyths is currently selling the PS5 DualSense Charging Station for £24.99, while Amazon has PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers in stock for £59.99. And speaking of Amazon, the online retailer has an email alert system for new stock, so remember to login to your account and sign up for alerts.

Hopefully this is the first step in the rumoured PS5 console re-stock in the UK. Express Online will continue to post live updates as more PS5 stock becomes available in the UK.

PS5 console with 4K Blu-ray disc drive

The PS5 has been sold out for some time now, with restocks getting snapped up fast (Image: SONY)

UPDATE: PS5 customers are still waiting for the console to be re-stocked in the UK.

According to the PS5 UK Stock Instant Updates Twitter account, Argos will receive new stock in its warehouses on January 13, although the initial batch will reportedly be used to fulfil orders already placed by customers.

Again, these reports are unconfirmed, and there’s no word on when the shipment will be processed and ready to sell to customers, although multiple accounts suggest today is the day.

At the time of writing, however, the PS5 remains out of stock in the UK. Express Online will continue to post live updates when new details are confirmed.

ORIGINAL: If recent reports are to be believed, then today is the day the PlayStation 5 will be back in stock in the UK.

According to the latest rumours, a big PS5 shipment is bound for the UK this week. 

Unconfirmed reports on the PS5 Stock Central Twitter account suggest that the next PS5 shipment is bigger than the first two waves combined.

“With the constant restocks in US, it can be very disheartening to some people in the UK and Ireland,” reads a PS5 Stock Central tweet. “PS5’s are about to flood the European market. The shipments are 100% larger than the first 2 combined. Sony’s about to come in clutch Q1 2021.”

PS5 DualSense controllers

PS5 DualSense controllers are back in stock at certain retailers (Image: SONY)

The site specifically mentions Argos and Smyths as two sites that are expected to receive stock.

“Argos are expecting a shipment by the end of Jan, they could start taking orders as early as Wednesday 13th January. I was told it will be around 9/10pm. Smyths are expecting stock too!”

Both retailers have remained tight-lipped about the possible stock refresh, although an Argos spokesperson has told customers to check the website over the coming days.

“I am sorry we have no information on further stock, I would however keep checking our website every few days to see if stock has been replenished,” an Argos spokesperson revealed.

PS5 Media Remote

PS5 Media Remotes are also in stock (Image: SONY)

Smyths is also yet to confirm the rumours, telling customers that stock will be replenished in January.

“Out of Stock,” reads a PS5 listing on the Smyths website. “Expected in stock: January 2021.”

The rumours tie in with reports on a separate PS5 stock checker account, which claims that PlayStation 5 consoles will be available on January 14.

“So the stock hasn’t arrived to the UK yet due to further delays from Sony,” reads a post from last week. “So won’t be ready for tomorrow.There’s no point of staying up tonight. Looks like drop will be on the 14th January.”

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If Argos and Smyths do get additional stock, then it’s likely Amazon, GAME, ShopTo and Currys will also get a refresh.   

In the meantime, customers are encouraged to bookmark the Stock Informer website, and follow social media channels such as Digital Foundry Deals.

Some retailers allow customers to register their interest in the PS5, which should result in alerts when the consoles become available.

Express Online will also keep this article updated with any developments as and when they take place.