The PUBG Mobile Season 11 release date looks set to kick off later this week and that means a new update to download.

While no serious details have been shared regarding the launch of the new Royale Pass, Recent has started teasing the launch.

This came in the form of a new image, accompanied by the caption: “Something’s cooking.”

The new teaser appears to confirm a future motif for Season 11, possibly featuring a CyberPunk twist.

And while this is the first official teaser being shared by Tencent, there’s been plenty of leaks surrounding the new update.

From what has been shared online, fans can expect plenty of new cosmetic items in the Royale Pass.

Fans can expect new masks and a lot of leather when it comes to picking up new outfits.

But the launch of PUBG Mobile Season 11 will also come with some other changes that could prove just as eye-catching.

Beta testers have been sharing news of the Blue Zone moving faster and being made harder to outrun.

There is also news regarding base level issues with the game being fixed, including lag problems that have been flagged for months.

New weapons have also been leaked, including the DBS Shotgun being introduced to PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS.

Tencent has yet to share its plans for the rollout of PUBG Mobile Season 11 but it seems very likely that it will ship as part of a larger update.

And if that is the case, gamers can probably expect some downtime and server disruption this week.

When it comes to the official release date, recent reports suggest that things could start rolling on Tuesday, January 8.

This could mean a period of downtime for servers that lasts several hours and will also mean another download.

And if that happens, some PUBG Mobile gamers may have to wait until January 9 to actually get access to the new patch.

The Season 11 Royale Pass would then go live, although this might happen later in the week, depending on what Tencent has planned.

It follows news from Tencent regarding its plans for PUBG Mobile eSports during 2020.

Registration opened last week for PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 (PMCO 2020), which includes amateur, semi-pro and professional levels of competition.

The year-round esports tournaments feature a total prize pool of $5 million USD, which doubles the total prize money of last year’s PMCO 2019.

A message from the PUBG Mobile team adds: “The tournaments will kick off with the PMCO, which by being open to all-level players adds more suitable stages and additional competing chances to all skill levels from different countries and regions.

“The PMCO is followed by the Pro- and World Leagues for professional players. The best teams coming out of the various PMCOs will have the chance to qualify for the Pro-Leagues (PMPL) and World Leagues (PMWL).

“The Pro-Leagues will feature selected countries and regions, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Chinese Taipei (additional information for qualification coming soon in local social media), as well as South Asia and the Americas.

“The Pro-Leagues will culminate in the World Leagues in May and October, where top pro teams from around the world will convene to represent their respective regions.

“The best qualified teams will then move on to compete in the World Championship in December for the highest honour and a large chunk of the $5 million USD prize pool.”