It appears the end of PUBG Mobile Season 4 is almost upon us, if recent Tencent update leaks are anything to go by.

And the launch of the PUBG Mobile Season 5 release date is expected to happen soon afterward and be a big event for all fans of the popular Battle Royale shooter.

According to the latest news being shared online, Season 5 is being released in January and will likely come packaged with update 10.5.

The start of Season 5 will mean the end of Season 4 and all the content that goes with it.

PUBG Mobile had a hugely successful 2018, launching in early spring to become a much-downloaded game on Android and iOS.

It was recently revealed by Tencent that PUBG Mobile surpassed 200 million downloads following its launch last year.

The game has also risen to around 30 million concurrent users, numbers that could prove a very profitable 2019.

These impressive stats exclude China, meaning that there are probably a lot more PUBG Mobile players than first estimated.

It follows news that PUBG Mobile will reportedly be updated to version 0.10.5, along with the Royale Pass Season 5.

The Royale Pass allows players to complete daily and weekly missions to earn points and increase their rank.

Players who complete a certain number of missions every week will win additional crates and currency.

And it appears that a new Royale Pass and PUBG Mobile Season 5 are coming soon to Android and iOS.

It doesn’t appear that Tencent has announced officially when the new PUBG Mobile update and content will go live.

However, online sources claim that PUBG Mobile Season 4 will end on January 17, followed by the start of Season 5 on January 19.

Tech companies don’t usually choose to drop major updates during the weekend, so there’s a chance that PUBG Mobile won’t see it arrive until next week.

There’s also the question of time zones and how Tencent will choose to release the new PUBG Mobile updates, depending on region.

And until we get an official announcement from Tencent, it’ll be worth taking all this reported news with a pinch of salt.

The Royale Season 5 Pass is expected to add new costumes, gun skins, and hairstyles, as well as a new theme.

Leaks suggest it will be a fiery theme and a nice easy way to discern it from Season 4.

A Zombies mode has also been reported and appears set to launch following the release of update 0.10.5.

The PUBG Mobile community support team have been chatting about new options and bugfixes coming to the game, which would suggest that it can’t be far away from launch.

And if indeed these recent leaks prove correct, we should start hearing about the PUBG Mobile Season 5 release date in the coming days.