A new PUBG Mobile update is coming soon and gamers only have a short time to collect the latest rewards. From now until March 14, PUBG fans can unlock 3,000 BP, 100 AG, and the Cute Kitten – Pan (3d), by patching to version 1.3.

And after this, it won’t be long until the full PUBG Season 18 release rolls around, complete with Royale Pass. The new PUBG Season 18 release will include the complete Hundred Rhythms Royale Pass, with these changes confirmed:

“There will be a 3rd Anniversary music theme screen and rewards. Players can choose rank rewards twice as they progress in the Royale Pass.

“After the anniversary party starts, some special guests will also make an appearance. In addition to an AUG finish, players also get to choose between 2 advanced sets at rank 1 and rank 50.

“At rank 100, get the Violin Music Set and a mysterious Kar98K Finish. An adventure event will start with the music.

“Adventure Vouchers have been added to the free rank rewards, and players can use them to redeem 1 of 2 sets twice on the event page. The adventure awaits.

“The RP Activity Pack event begins in the new season: Purchase the RP Activity Pack to gain RP ranks quickly and collect Mission Activity Points to get your UC back as rebates. Fixed other bugs affecting missions and other content to improve players’ experiences.”

This will be followed by the launch of the new Clowns’ Tricks event, which goes live from March 31.

According to Tencent, Clowns will arrive at the Anniversary Celebration Square and will start graffitiing all over the place.

A Clown Shop Vehicle will also be placed in Erangel where players will be able to collect Clown Tokens and exchange them for items, including normal combat supplies and special strategic items in the Clown Shop Vehicle.

Another part of this month’s PUBG Mobile update is the All-talent Championship, where gamers can play matches with your teammates.

“The teams that advance to the Semi-Finals are randomly divided into 5 groups. Each group plays 3 consecutive matches and the top 2 teams from each group advance to the Final Round.

“Teams that advance to the Final Round will play 4 consecutive matches. They will be ranked and receive rewards based on their total points for these 4 games.”

The top 2 teams of the Final Round will be eligible to participate in the PMCO Preliminaries (excluding the KR/JP region).

The scoring rules for single matches are as follows:

  • Total score of each match = Elimination points + Rank points.
  • Calculation of Elimination points: 1 point is gained for each player defeated.
  • Calculation of Rank points: No. 1 gains 15 points; No. 2 gains 12 points; No. 3 gains 10 points; No. 4 gains 8 points; No. 5 gains 6 points; No. 6 gains 4 points; No. 7 gains 2 points; and No. 8-12 gains 1 point.
  • Teams can participate in the weekly match repeatedly, but teams that are already eligible to advance will not repeatedly advance or get an additional advancement reward. The advancement spots will be filled up by other teams based on the rankings.