The new PUBG Mobile Vikendi snow map will be arriving very soon for players on Android and iOS platforms.

Tencent has been launching small parts of the new expansion over the past few days and is now ready to finish the job.

And now fans are just a few short hours away from having full access to the new content on all platforms.

The Vikendi map release date has been set for December 21 in the UK; however, it will differ slightly for some players.

Depending on where you are in the world, say the United States, the new PUBG Mobile map will actually activate on December 20.

From what has been shared so far by Tencent, the Vikendi countdown will end at midnight, GMT, in the UK.

The good news is that PUBG Mobile players can download what they need to start playing the new map straight away.

This can be done by heading into the option screen and finding the new download available in under the Classic Mode map listing.

This should help to have everything you need in place before Vikendi goes live on Android and iOS.

For those who are just interested in enjoying the current maps and the latest update, there will be no need to download the new map to stay up to date.

However, fans may be required to download older maps like Sanhok after a new update goes live.

The new map has been available in beta testing for a while so many players may already know much about it.

For those that don’t, Vikendi will offer differing gameplay centered around snow effects and using the snowmobile vehicle to your advantage.

“Set in a rugged tundra terrain riddled with deserted villages and other massive landmarks, the Vikendi map measures six by six kilometres in size, making it a perfect balance between the high intensity of Sanhok and the slow burn of the Erangel and Miramar maps.

“Vikendi also delivers several new gameplay features, including the exclusive snowmobile vehicle to traverse the map, snowball fights on the spawn island and a fresh winter theme in the main menu.”

Other recent changes to PUBG Mobile include:

Cross-server Matchmaking – Players now can match with other players of the same rank across other servers for balanced gameplay.

Anti-Cheating Measures – Improved recognition for cheating with new report options for spectating players and additional penalties for quitting matches.

Firearm Upgrade System – New materials at the Lab are available for players to upgrade certain weapon finishes to unlock exclusive kill effects, broadcasts and death crate appearances.

Layout Improvements – Players’ best results in the Crew Challenge will now be displayed and players can now collect all daily mission awards all at once.

This latest content update arrives just after Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation announced that PUBG MOBILE has surpassed 30 million concurrent users and 200 million downloads worldwide, excluding China.

This milestone was achieved just eight months after the game’s release.