PUBG Mobile continues to prove popular with fans following its launch on Android and iOS earlier this year.

This has been helped along by a dedicated core group of players who can enjoy the game on both mobile devices and PC emulator.

Plenty of new content has been launched in 2018, including two new maps, special events and additional vehicles, modes and weapons.

But while there is plenty to do right now in PUBG Mobile, fans are looking out for the next big update.

It’s unclear when it will drop, but players are hopeful that the new PUBG Vikendi map will be released in the near future.

The good news is that it is reportedly being beta tested in China right now, which means it is on its way.

Pictures of some of the new content have started to pop up on Reddit, offering fans a first glimpse at what is coming next.

The bad news is that it could mean it won’t reach the rest of the world for weeks, as there is usually a delay between PUBG Mobile content being released in China and the rest of the world.

However, a recent online report runs against this logic and suggests that PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 could arrive much sooner.

XDA Developers claim that they have leaked patch notes from the newest build of the game, which includes the Vikendi map.

It lists the new level as a 6km x 6km snow map which will be available to download on December 20.

Other notable changes include snowball fights on the Vikendi’s Spawn Island, as well as additional weather effects and a Snowmobile vehicle.

As always, all leaks should be taken with a pinch of salt until the news is confirmed by the development team.

It should be noted that a new beta version of PUBG Mobile is available to playtest but does not contain the new snow map.

So it’s unclear if these patch notes are connected to the next worldwide release, or come from a different version of the game.

If a new update is to be released later this month, you can expect some kind of update from Tencent in the coming weeks.

It was recently revealed that PUBG Mobile surpassed 100 million downloads within 4 months of release, excluding China, Japan and Korea.

That’s not to mention the over 20 million concurrent users the game now boasts on all platforms.

The game has also been rewarded in other ways, winning awards at the Golden Joystick Awards for Best Mobile Game of the Year.

“The team is honoured and thrilled that PUBG MOBILE has been recognised by 2018 Golden Joystick Awards,” said Vincent Wang, general manager, PUBG MOBILE global publishing team.

“The response to the game from fans has energised everyone at the team as we are heads down working on new, exciting updates and contents for PUBG MOBILE.”