Rainbow Six Siege Shadow Legacy was revealed earlier this week and it looks like gamers won’t be waiting long for its release date.

Unlike previous Operations, Shadow Legacy is set to bring just one new Operator to the game, Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher.

He will be armed with a powerful new intel-gathering gadget and a deadly new assault rifle. But Shadow Legacy’s Sam Fisher might not be the biggest part of the new update.

A host of gameplay modifications that will change the way you play Siege have also been announced and include some much-requested features.

Things like Ping 2.0, new and updated optics, a hard-breaching secondary gadget, pooled reinforcements, and map ban will be part of R6: Shadow Legacy.

All of these updates, plus a rework of the Chalet map and the new match replay feature, will make this a massive new update for fans to enjoy.

And as you might expect, gamers want to know exactly when Rainbow Six Siege Shadow Legacy will be launching.


Ubisoft has yet to confirm a solid release date for one of the biggest Rainbow Six Siege updates ever.

But the good news is that we can provide a rough schedule on when we can expect the big patch to land across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Based on previous behaviour, Ubisoft may schedule the Rainbow Six Siege Shadow Legacy release date for the week of September 14.

That doesn’t it will launch on that day but there’s a good chance things could get rolling around that date.

Having begun testing the new expansion this week, Shadow Legacy will likely receive at least four weeks of beta before going live.

So if everything runs smoothly, we could see the big launch arrive by mid-September 2020.

More news regarding the big Rainbow Six Siege expansion can be found below, including details on the following features:

Ping 2.0 – The regular yellow ping will now be numbered, with each player assigned a number at the beginning of each match. Pings will now also be contextual, so when players ping gadgets, the defuser, and other objects of interest, the ping icon will change to reflect which item is pinged (e.g. ping a Frost trap and your ping icon will show Frost’s icon). Players can also now ping from cameras and drones.

Weapon optics – New scopes and new magnification levels have been added, and the classic ACOG is now known as the 2.5x scope. There is a new red dot sight and a new holographic sight, though the previous designs are still in play. Some Operators now have different optics for different guns, and players can customize the color and opacity of their reticles.

Reinforcement pool – Instead of every Defender having two reinforcements to deploy on walls and hatches, the defending team will now draw from a pool of ten reinforcements. So, for example, a speedy player could run to upper floors and reinforce more than two hatches, and anchors won’t have to worry about roamers leaving the site without first reinforcing.

Hard-breaching secondary gadget – A new secondary gadget for Attackers will allow them to breach a sizeable hole in reinforced walls (big enough to vault through) or destroy reinforced hatches. While it is vulnerable to destruction in the usual ways, this means that Attackers will have more hard-breaching options beyond Thermite, Hibana, Maverick, and Ace’s gadgets.

EMP grenade rework – Thatcher has long been the scourge of Defender gadgets with his destructive EMP grenade, but now his EMP blasts will only disable enemy gadgets, not destroy them. The gadgets will come back online once this disabled state ends, so Attackers will have to time their pushes to take advantage of this window of opportunity, while Defenders keen on Bandit tricking will have to adapt their tactics.

My Siege Stats – A new tool on the official Rainbow Six website, My Siege Stats will give you a detailed breakdown of your in-game performance so you can identify your strengths and spot areas of improvement.

Match Replay – Available on the PC test server, the alpha phase of match replay will allow players to load up any of their past 12 matches and view the replay from the spectator camera view or from the perspective of any player in the match.

Map Ban – A new phase in Ranked and Unranked matches will give teams the chance to ban one map and give them a little more control over the matches they get into.