Ready to go AtopSpace to build a diversified aggregation platform

In the world of open finance, decentralized technology is an important underlying support. For a long time, developers and users of blockchain application products have been considering the issue of user incentives, and communities without sufficient effective connections will lose the advantages of being residents of the crypto world. At the same time, the large number and dispersion of vertical Dapps in the blockchain field is also an important consideration in our design of AtopSpace.

By focusing on reconstructing the relationship between players and game manufacturers, AtopSpace aggregates traffic, realizes the flow of assets between different games, improves the breadth and depth of transactions, and provides complete and systematic services for new entrants in the industry, lowering the threshold. At the same time, AtopSpace also allows players to protect their game assets while playing the game, participate in the setting of game rules and obtain certain benefits, and finally evolves a new type of game form.

Ready to go AtopSpace to build a diversified aggregation platform

About AtopSpace

With the mission and interoperability vision of creating a decentralized social metaverse, AtopSpace envisions a virtual combination of the real physical world and digital everything through the three-dimensional linkage of time, space and experience to build a truly decentralized social metaverse digital space. It can realize the interactive mode of human beings in the digital space, and create and enjoy a unique immersive experience.

AtopSpace Concept

AtopSpace relies on Web3.0 to cut into NFT, social networking from the digital economy, GameFi continuously accumulates users, and integrates into the financial ecosystem with wallets as another traffic gathering place, financializes social networking, and finally purifies through DAO governance and digital credit system The entire ecology, through DAO tools and digital credit system, redefines SocialFI to create a metaverse platform that can carry the blockchain aggregation ecology.

AtopSpace is a GameFi decentralized social aggregation platform based on the Web3.0 concept. It directly hits the traditional decentralized pain points and breaks through the current industry predicament:

lAMM activates the automatic market maker mechanism

The AMM (Automated Market Maker) protocol launched by AtopSpace is the definitive DEX protocol that has brought the decentralized financial market to the public. Simply put, AMM is a protocol that supports instant exchange between tokens by replacing the existing buy and sell order structure with liquidity pools created on-chain by liquidity providers.

This is why we have integrated an automatic liquidity generation feature that not only solves the problem of high price volatility, but also enhances the ecological future of AtopSpace.

The automatic liquidity generation feature in AtopSpace smart contracts has been very popular recently, but the protocol has implemented very innovative core modules. It involves a feature that on every transaction, a certain percentage of the transaction value is automatically generated liquidity in the AtopSpace liquidity pool. Automatic market maker traffic pool on-chain cache combined with AMM mechanism to solve transaction and balance body problems.

lPre-minting coins to solve data increment

200 million Atops are generated through minting. Minting Atop tokens can break up the holding addresses, realize a fair and just distribution mechanism, and benefit the healthy development of the community; at the same time, the AtopSpace platform can exchange value and achieve value growth, creating a strong consensus among ecological members, thereby promoting the healthy development of the chain game ecological economy. The minting of Atop requires a series of encryption operations through smart contracts to obtain the Atop token. The person who owns the private key of the account has the ownership of Atop. Minting is much like the central bank minting coins. It is a token with a fixed total amount. Through minting, users can obtain the initial share of Atop. This is a fair, just and open currency issuance mechanism.

l Destruction and deflation

The AtopSpace platform will use part of the deposit to purchase Atop tokens at real-time prices, and permanently destroy them. By reducing the total amount of tokens and increasing the circulation rate, a token economic deflation model in which the supply volume decreases within a limited range is achieved. The value of Atop holders is increasing, and the consensus of Atop holders is continuously improving.

DAO output mechanism to achieve community autonomy

AtopSpace deeply interprets the DAO community autonomy model. Inspired by the open source collaboration model, we adopt the DAO governance model to connect people through blockchain-based protocols and code-based systems, focusing on achieving a common mission of decentralized autonomy.

AtopSpace hopes to use the DAO to allow members distributed around the world to vote on proposals and make final decisions with minimal trust. With DAO’s smart contracts, easy to join, and global coverage, AtopSpace members can build organizations together and collaborate in a peer-to-peer manner. If necessary, they can also trade value without relying on centralized entities or intermediaries, and truly realize that everyone can hold coins. community consensus.

AtopSpace is committed to creating a community-driven value ecosystem of game assets. In the past, game assets were difficult to circulate, and their value was often not fully displayed, and even these assets completely lost their value outside the game. However, AtopSpace not only provides a convenient platform for game players to freely exchange game assets, but also releases the value of the assets themselves by promoting the liquidity of the assets, and even gives the possibility of multiple ways to appreciate the game assets. AtopSpace will build a diversified aggregated service platform, a comprehensive application ecosystem based on the principle of Swap+Defi+NFT+Gamefi, which will make the construction more efficient, lower in cost, and provide all-round value in terms of market, traffic, resources, etc. Empower.

AtopSpace uses VR, distributed storage, smart contracts and other technologies to build a decentralized linkage ecosystem with a high degree of freedom in the virtual world, creating a more free and efficient NFT asset swap agreement for players in the game world, providing high High-quality multi-modal products based on Web3.0+Swap+Defi+NFT+Gamefi+DAO are perfectly integrated.

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