Rockstar Games has confirmed that they may need to push progress made during the current Red Dead Online beta on PS4 and Xbox One.

The warning was made today as more players were given access to the popular new multiplayer mode.

This will continue each day to qualifying players at around 1:30pm, GMT. By that time on Friday, November 30, everyone will have access.

You can imagine that server stability and gameplay crashes are being focused on by Rockstar right now.

Improvements to the overall experience is something that the development team has bee made a priority, telling fans:

“As with any Beta period, we plan to take the time necessary throughout to make Red Dead Online a complete, fun and fully-functional experience, which may take several weeks or months as we continually work to fix bugs, improve systems and implement player feedback into current or future plans.

“If you encounter technical issues of any sort, please visit our dedicated Rockstar Support site to find help or report these issues.

“And we strongly encourage everyone to send us feedback on your experience, from ways to improve gameplay to suggestions for future content – we want to know what you like, love or dislike and what you’d like to see added, changed or implemented into Red Dead Online.”

Rockstar never ran a significant public beta for GTA Online, which suffered server problems for a long time.

The Red Dead Online beta is expected to help improve the gameplay experience significantly but it also comes with another warning.

Rockstar may need to dial back stats before the full release in the coming months.

“We hope that all player progress during this early period of the Beta will be able to remain intact long term, however as with many betas for large-scale online experiences such as this, there is always the chance that we may need to implement rank or other stat resets in case of issues.”

Changes such as these could come as a shock to some players, who will be looking to rank up as fast as possible.

However, until Rockstar Games actually says they have to make drastic changes, there’s a good chance they never will.

Other tweaks will also be made to Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer when it sees its full release.

This will include microtransactions, which look set to be more focused on cosmetics items in Red Dead Online.

“You may notice some areas of the in-game menus are not yet accessible or available during this early period of the Beta, such as the Red Dead Online in-game Store which will eventually open up to provide the option of purchasing gold bars to directly acquire cosmetic items like Camp décor, or a special style for your weapons.”

You can expect more on these changes to be shared by Rockstar in the future, following the completion of the Red Dead Online beta.

There is currently no date on when Rockstar will finish the first testing of Red Dead Online, or what they might have to when it is over.

It seems likely that there will be a new update released, possible version 1.04, which will add the changes asked for by fans via the feedback site.