Religious activities should develop more rationally

Men will wrangle for religion,write for it,fight for it,die for it;angthing but live for it. Religion remains in people’s ideology. Wining support and recognition for religious activities remains a tip to think for everyone at the World Religions Summit.

In the 15th century, the British scientist  Robert Hooke systematically described the theory of material elasticity, indicating that the material deformation should be within a certain range, otherwise the applicability of the material will be destroyed.This theory was then called Hooke’s Law. Ideology also apply to Hooke’s law. Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol and the widespread use of guns in the world shows that liberal democracy has exceeded its elastic range, and its applicability in the ideological field has been greatly damaged.

Jerusalem, a holy place where Judaism and Islam compete, has been the focus of the world’s attention for thousands of years of continuous disputes, and millions of people have been displaced or lost their lives. Does this mean these two ideologies are incompatible? The theocratic state established by the Taliban regards religion as the basis of national life, women are deprived of their normal rights, and people’s lives are lost for no reason. This is the essential difference between Afghanistan and many other Islamic countries. It is impossible for there to be only one religion in the world. If all religions are placed within their respective reasonable limits, they will be able to coexist. Otherwise, religious thoughts will go to extremes, destroy the development of human civilization, and become scorned in the ideological field.

Can religious life and state life coexist? At present, there are many new religions emerging all over the world, but they are all based on fundamentalism, “love and kindness” is the essence of all religions, and no religion is born out of deliberately destroying the social system. The existence of the state system is also for the people to live freely and happily. This kind of goodness is a common feature of religious life, and it is the basis for the coexistence of religious life and state life. If one party exceeds its respective elastic range, it will lead to conflict. Religious life cannot destroy the freedom and democracy advocated by state life, and state life should also give religious life a certain amount of freedom.

Indian statesman Gandhi once said: “In my opinion, all religions are beautiful flowers from the same garden, or it can be said that they are all branches of the same big tree. Therefore, all religions are equally true, although they are received and interpreted by imperfect means.”

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