REVA NFT:Pledge And Auction, And The Entry Capital is Included in The History of NFT

“NFT”, as the hot word that still attracts the attention of capital and media in 2022, the news of the large-scale entry of capital and institutions has never stopped, and the value of NFT has been affirmed. More and more artists and creators have entered the field of NFT, eager to harvest value in the initial stage of NFT. The number of releases and appearances of NFT are refreshing historical data every day.

The new concept takes time as a linear process, and the concept of NFT is approached and understood by more people. It is hoped that more people can develop and enter the game, and want to get value from it. The core value of NFT lies in the capitalization of digital content, which is the property right confirmation and trading mechanism of the virtual world.

NFT provides proof of ownership for digital content, expanding the scope of digital assets from digital currency to non-fungible digital content such as images, audio and video, game props, etc. With the tamper proof and traceable characteristics of blockchain technology and decentralized storage technology, NFT ensures the uniqueness, authenticity and permanence of digital assets, effectively solves the problems of ownership and storage of digital assets, improves the transaction efficiency of digital assets and reduces transaction costs. REVA is committed to enhancing the liquidity of digital content assets.

In this way of thinking, NFT pledge and auction not only improve the liquidity of NFT, but also further improve the value realization of NFT, and solve the idle assets of NFT in the hands of some people in the same period, so that let assets flow and make capital flow dynamically. NFT not only realizes the constant value range of transactions, but also possesses the increase in the core business of REVA, NFT pledge and auction. And it will obtain higher value realization in art evaluation and auction.

The reason why REVA has become a brand friend of many creators and art institutions is also based on the recognition of REVA’s core business, strong capital background and platform operation, refined process and multi-party guarantee, rigorous art evaluation team and financial service team, all of which add points to REVA’s professionalism. UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD wholly acquired REVA and invested the capital in it, not only inheriting and grafting auction in emerging fields, what’s more, the development of REVA is the inevitable trend of NFT history in the future. NFT auction makes NFT generate more value possibilities. Among them, it will enlarge the value, improve the exposure and attention, and quickly obtain more realization of data flow which has become a significant stroke in the history of NFT.

Of course, if capital wants to enter the market and be included in the history of NFT, becoming a thick and heavy in colors, then the inevitable choice of the project direction needs to be far-sighted. UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD undoubtedly made the most correct choice. Now, NFT is booming, and the trading volume of many NFT platforms has set records. But the main concern of NFT investors is poor liquidity of the market. In other words, selling NFT and finding the right buyer may be extremely time-consuming and labor-consuming. Therefore, investors need to carefully calculate the percentage allocated to NFT in their portfolio. The emergence of REVA, with the focus of NFT pledge and auction, not only solves the problem of liquidity, improves the value of NFT, but also increases the realization channels of NFT. In the rapid growth of NFT industry, REVA is an excellent empowerment.

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