Saint Seiya Games: Strong Star in NFT Field

According to statistics, up to now, the total investment in blockchain games has exceeded 1 billion US dollars. GameFi has entered an explosive growth period, and GameFi has grown into an independent subdivision of blockchain industry. GameFi, the full name of Game finance, was first proposed by MixMarvel CSO Mary Ma in 2019, and the elements of financial attributes were added to the game. In 2020, GameFi emphasized Play to Earn, enjoying the game and earning money. Now the GameFi era has arrived!

Saint Seiya Games was jointly created by WANRONG Foundation of Singapore and the game technology team of Nintendo of Japan. After three years of research and development by the team, relying on the decentralized characteristics of blockchain, a professional decentralized financial game (GameFi) ecosystem was built. Token name: SASE. Saint Seiya originated from Japanese Toyo Animation and Masami Kurumada’s most classic animation “Saint Seiya”. At present, the Saint Animation System has sold about 64 million copies in 45 countries around the world, becoming a classic of a generation. Saint Seiya Games restored the bronze, silver and gold saints equipment in animation with exquisite NFT battle clothes. Get the exquisite NFT vestments with the latest blind box draw. In the future, players in Saint Seiya Games can apply their NFT equipment cards to the breakthrough games. The application field of SASE token will cover the settlement system of the world’s top blockchain games, and open up the compatibility between different blockchain games. The platform will develop more products in NFT field based on Binance Smart Chain.

At present, global user registration is open. You can get the Holy Clothes of Short NFT Cards after certification.

SASE will be immeasurable in the future.

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