Salvo, an innovative Web 2.5 platform, will soon launch its first MOBA game, Ace3: Waste of Land

Salvo is a multi-game aggregation platform with scalable NFT asset value, and provides GameFi-as-a-service (GaaS) solutions for each Web2 game, thus integrating Web2 and Web3 users within an ecosystem through games and blockchain technology. Based on multi-chain deployment, Salvo aggregates multiple games, integrates the assets of each game through Marketplace, and provides a benefit sharing mechanism for users. As a Web2.5 platform, Salvo has pioneered the integration of web2 games and web3 technology, and will launch a variety of games with rich fun and gameplay, which will be launched on main chains including ETH layer2, BNB Chain, etc, one after another.

Ace3: Stars of Wasteland is the first casual competitive game with MOBA theme to be launched for testing on Salvo platform. The team has more than 10 years of experience in traditional game field and dual ability in blockchain technology field, and has launched MOBA games with more than 10 million users joining.

Well-established Web3 infrastructure for developers and users

Salvo platform will provide infrastructure services including Signer wallet, signer On-chain Asset Swap Services, web3 payment, layer2 solution Salvo Chain, liquidity Solution NFT PMM (Proactive Market Maker ) and AMM for NFTs, both Web2 and Web3 users can easily carry out on-chain operations and asset links. Among them, it is worth noting that with the help of Salvo Wallet, users can easily and conveniently manage and trade game & platform assets from different chains, which will greatly lower the threshold for users of traditional games to enter the Web3 field experience.

Salvo uses an innovative “Token + SBT + NFT” token economy design

As a Web2.5 game platform, Salvo will launch each game with a long line of fun and rich gameplay, where the game genres will include: Music Competitive, Racing, Tower Defense, IO (Leisure Competitive), MOBA, etc.

The diversity of the game composition allows for a huge imagination of the NFT genre in the Salvo platform.

For Web3, the main types of NFTs currently included in salvo are: Salvo Pass, Utility NFT (Game nft). Under the premise that the platform gameplay is rich enough and the consumption scenario generated is large enough, the trading system of the game and platform assets is opened out, while users can mint the props/equipment obtained in the game into NFT on demand, allowing the natural circulation of transactions between users and thus reaching NFT marketization. Together with the platform governance tokens and non-transferable player identity SBT (achievement points in salvo) design, salvo’s platform economy forms a sustainable closed loop.

For all players, the play and Own model is the experience that the salvo platform can give.

Web2 & Web3 users in Salvo platform will prosper together

Salvo aims to create a platform ecosystem where Web2 and Web3 users can prosper together. For all players, the play and Own model is the experience that the salvo platform can give.

The games on the Salvo platform will support both the entertainment of Web2 users and Web3 users to manage their own assets on the chain and earn revenue.

Salvo’s first MOBA game, Ace3: Stars of Wasteland, will offer rich PVE and PVP modes that will appeal to users of traditional games.

The game features: fast-paced, casual competition, a few minutes a game of rapid combat, in line with the user’s sense of satisfaction and pleasure of light competition.

The game art features: American-style wasteland style, suitable for the global players’ trendy preferences.

For the Web2 space, these high-quality games also have the ability to attract a large number of traditional game players to enter.

In future, Users from different fields will form an imaginative interaction space, which will be extremely interesting!

Next, Salvo will launch the first season of Salvo Pass, a major NFT pre-sale campaign, at the end of May.

The first game, Ace3, will also be available in beta in June, and the Salvo Wallet and platform services infrastructure that Salvo and its partners have built will be launched to continue to serve Web2 and Web3 users and developers.

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