Galaxy S10 is Samsung’s newest Android flagship that presents a number of innovations over its predecessor, the Galaxy S9.

First and foremost, the Galaxy S10 comes in three immediate models that vary in price and features.

The smallest and most affordable version of the handset is the Galaxy S10e that sacrifices some premium functions in order to achieve its more appealing price tag.

Galaxy S10e comes with a 5.8-inch display that has a 1080p resolution compared to the 1440p offered by the standard Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+.

Additionally, the phone comes without a fingerprint sensor underneath its screen.

Instead, Samsung opted to place the phone’s scanner on its side, underneath its lock button.

Galaxy S10e also only arrives with two camera sensors on its rear as opposed to the three that are offered by its more premium brothers.

The S10e comes with a standard and wide-angle photography offering but is without a telephoto unit.

Galaxy S10 and S10+ are certainly the most premium versions of the handset, at least until Samsung’s promised 5G version of the flagship arrives later this year.

The S10 and S10+ share much in common; both have ultrasonic fingerprint readers underneath their displays, have triple cameras on their rear and have a very similar design.

The one advantage the S10+ has over the standard S10 is its secondary front-facing camera that is used to measure depth.

However, this comes at the cost of a larger cutout within the phone’s AMOLED panel.

This means the S10+ has a pill-shaped hole on its front as opposed to the hole-punch style of the smaller S10.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 range is certainly a more radical overhaul for the product line than the incremental upgrade presented by the Galaxy S9.

And it appears the UK market has responded to the new features presented by the Galaxy S10.

That it because Samsung has announced its Galaxy S10 lineup has received more pre-order sales than any other handset it has released previously.

Discussing the huge victory, the South Korean OEM said: “Celebrating a decade since the launch of the first Galaxy S, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd has today revealed that its new Galaxy S10 line-up has generated more pre-order sales than any Samsung smartphone sold in the United Kingdom.

“In the UK, Galaxy S10+ has accounted for 57 percent of sales, showing a rising trend of consumers opting for high-performance handsets. Prism Black remains the most popular colour of choice, accounting for 47 percent of total S10 line-up sales.

“With industry-leading features including Dynamic AMOLED display, Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner and industry-leading Pro-Grade camera, the Galaxy S10 range is engineered to meet the needs of today’s consumer.

“With four unique devices – the S10e, S10, S10+ and S10+ Performance Edition, each device offers a next-generation experience in display, camera and performance.”

Conor Pierce, the Corporate vice president for Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland, also commented on the accomplishment.

He stated: “Our Galaxy S10 line-up builds on a decade of industry leadership, delivering breakthrough camera, display and performance features which continue to excite our customers, as shown by our record-breaking pre-order results.

“It’s encouraging to see such a positive response to our new product line-up, across the ecosystem and including the new Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch Active, meaning that we are offering a greater range of choice than ever.

“This year, we will continue to invest in innovation with our S10 5G handset and Galaxy Fold coming later this year, ushering in a new era of smartphone technology and connectivity.”

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 range releases today, March 8.