Samsung’s clever new vacuum has a price that would make Dyson wince

Samsung has confirmed the price tag for its Bespoke Jet cordless vacuum cleaner …and you’d better start saving now. This clever cordless cleaner arrives with a cradle that automatically empties the dust bin (saving you the hassle of emptying the vacuum into the bin after each use), charges the built-in battery, and hold accessories like the crevice tool and jet brush. It’s available in a wide variety of colours – Midnight Blue, Woody Green, and Misty White, with each of these models arriving with a slightly different bundle of accessories. Prices start from £749 and max-out at an eye-watering £949 for the Bespoke Jet Pro Extra variant. Ouch.

For comparison, Dyson’s latest model – the V15 Detect Absolute, which arrives with a laser that illuminates microscopic dust as you clean and a screen that records the exact number of dust particles that you’ve sucked from your floors – costs £629. The “Outsize” version of this cordless cleaner, which boasts all of the same features but with a 150percent bigger dust bin, costs just £699.

Of course, these vacuum cleaners both boast different features. Granted, Samsung’s Bespoke Jet doesn’t have the ability to count microscopic particles as it cleans, but it also has functionality that Dyson cannot match with any of the cordless vacuums in its lineup. Some models of the Bespoke Jet ships with dedicated attachments that transform this vacuum cleaner into a mop.

Dubbed the Spray Spinning Sweeper, this provides a jet of water to help clean up any spills. The power from the battery, which Samsung says should last for one-hour of cleaning between charges – and you’ll find a spare in the box too, is used to spin the mop pads at high speeds to polish and clean the floors. Battery life when mopping is 100 minutes, Samsung says.

When it’s vacuuming, Samsung says the advanced filtration system built into the Bespoke Jet is capable of trapping 99.999% of fine dust to “boost your air quality”. All the parts and filters are washable, so you won’t need to replace anything to keep your shiny new vacuum hygienically clean.

If you have cats and dogs, Samsung bundles an optional Pet Tool’s brush attachment is another way to take the hassle out of cleaning pet fur. A rubber nozzle combined with bristles helps to pick up even thin, easy-to-miss pet hair from around the house.

The lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner packs suction power of up to 210W. That’s a little less than the suction power of the Dyson V15 Detect, which boasts 230W and up to 240W in boost mode.

Like the latest from Dyson, Samsung has fitted its vacuum with a small display that gives glanceable information, including the current suction level setting and remaining battery time. It also provides information about any problems, such as clogging, objects stuck in the brush, or missing filters, and provides a guide to help you fix the problem.

Speaking about its new vacuum, Hyesoon Yang, Executive Vice President and Head of Customer Experience of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics said: “Cleanliness is now top of mind for consumers across the world, so we wanted to create a product that delivers more convenient and powerful features to keep users’ homes tidy to the end of cleaning. The Samsung Bespoke Jet not only delivers the power and performance needed to keep your floors clean, its beautiful design can also fit seamlessly into any room in your home.”

If you want to get your hands on the Bespoke Jet as soon as it launches on March 21, 2022, Samsung has a generous pre-order deal available at the moment. The South Korean company is offering a £200 discount to anyone who pre-orders the vacuum before March 20, 2022.

Not only that, but you’ll also earn five percent of the total cost at checkout as Samsung Rewards, which can be spent on other items from the Samsung Store – like Galaxy Buds Pro or a discount towards a new smartphone or Smart TV.

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