SEMNIYA pan-entertainment platform is coming

With the continuous advancement of technology and the popularization of the Internet, games have become an integral part of people’s lives. According to statistics, the global game market will reach US$196.8 billion in 2022, and it is expected to exceed US$220 billion by 2025. However, while developing rapidly, the global game industry is also facing some pain points. For example, in terms of the control of young people’s game time, in terms of the development cycle and quality of new games, game plagiarism and game copyright protection have also become problems in the current game industry. We can’t help but imagine that if we can develop a game platform that combines the high quality of Web 3.0 and Metaverse on the basis of solving all the above problems, we can not only have high-quality entertainment online live experience, but also develop our own games with the support of the platform. What kind of opportunity would it be to enjoy the game while still receiving stable and constant dividends and steadily increasing profits.

SEMNIYA pan-entertainment platform is coming

SEMNIYA is spotting the trend, integrating Web.3 and metaverse-related technologies into the traditional game industry, focusing on data value and security creation on the one hand, and metaverse and VR technology on the other hand, focusing on improving the authenticity of online entertainment experience, and comprehensively solving the above problems .

SEMNIYA is a project initiated by GEM Global emerging markets (“GEM”), an internationally renowned investment group. SEMNIYA integrates Web.3 and Metaverse related technologies into the traditional game industry, focuses on data value and security creation on the one hand, and focuses on online entertainment experience and authenticity enhancement on Metaverse and VR technology on the other hand, to create a new future for the game industry in an all-round way.

SEMNIYA will establish a transparent, accessible and inclusive open source game production system through a distributed open source protocol. Gamers and enthusiasts can not only enjoy the entertainment of games on the SEMNIYA platform, but also develop their own games at will. Greatly increase the experience of the platform audience and game players.

SEMNIYA virtual cloud game platform refers to a game platform based on virtual reality technology, in which users can try various comprehensive types of games, such as competitive games, racing games, development games, music games, sports games and so on. The feature of SEMNIYA virtual cloud gaming platform is that it can provide a more realistic gaming experience and reduce various security problems in traditional games. SEMNIYA virtual cloud game platform greatly enhances user online participation through VR technology and online real scene construction. We will build a VR multi-player online game room. Players can choose their avatars and explore the environment. While playing games, they can also improve daily social interaction and make more high-quality friends.

While building the ecology, SEMNIYA will also lay out the DEFI track with a perfect ecological closed-loop system, integrating the GameFi platform, decentralized trading platform, metaverse games, DEFI platform, NFT trading market, and blockchain mall to create a The innovative world of the metaverse of the blockchain Defi plate. Advance rapidly during the development bonus period of the Metaverse, and become the “pioneer” on the road of Metaverse + DeFi + NFT.

With the continuous development of blockchain technology, Web3.0 technology and decentralized applications, the future world will gradually move towards a more fair, secure and free digital road. SEMNIYA is committed to building a decentralized application that is more secure, efficient, reliable and does not need to trust third-party organizations, so that every user participating in SEMNIYA can fully control their own data and enjoy more convenience and benefits. While promoting the continuous development of the platform, SEMNIYA also brings together more like-minded participants to build a harmonious and open community, so that all individuals or organizations participating in SEMNIYA can share resources and business reciprocity through the platform, and gain corresponding rewards or rewards. This shared economic model will promote a more reasonable allocation of platform resources and promote more fair and reasonable business activities.

SEMNIYA is committed to the new vitality of the game industry, combining decentralized finance with the traditional game industry, enabling trends to empower the traditional game industry, creating a currency of unlimited value, and benefiting every participant

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