SHUXUAN G .2023AW brings a collection with the theme of “RONG (melt)”

Inspired by the fusion of oriental aesthetics and futurism, it explores futuristic avant-garde expression under diverse aesthetic styles.

The word “RONG” means harmony and inclusiveness, representing the sense of acceptance, inclusiveness, and harmonious coexistence.

During 2023AW LONDON FASHION WEEK, SHUXUAN G. on Fashion Scout runway explores the fusion of oriental aesthetics and futurism, exploring the balance and fusion between multiple styles. It envisions a mermaid from the deep sea who travels through a thousand years in time and space, swimming between oriental aesthetics and futurism, and experiencing the fusion and collision of mysterious and gentle oriental power and avant-garde futurism.

Capturing the iconic silhouettes, elements and futuristic abstract forms and symbols of oriental clothing, using 3D printing technology and modern tonal materials to achieve real and virtual exploration, historical beauty and futuristic sense are combined.

The design reflects the brand’s consistent style, undefined, unbound, and unrestrained and beautiful, showing the tenacity of women’s rigidity and softness. And use 50% environmentally friendly degradable recycled materials, in line with the infinite extension, peace of all things in pursuit of purpose, express the concept of sustainable creation and evolution, and convey an attitude of acceptance and tolerance.






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