Sky TV customers are set for a big free upgrade this summer.

The satellite TV firm has just announced a major refresh to its Sky Go app which is aimed at making it easier for users to watch their favourite shows, movies, sports and anything they’ve already recorded.

This update will be available to those who subscribe to the latest Sky Q service with Sky saying that it will be pushed out in the coming weeks.

Here’s all the new features coming to the Sky Go app.

• Simple, one-touch destinations in a new UI including Home, TV Guide, Browse, Downloads and Recordings, helping customers find what they want to watch quickly and easily on any device

• The ‘Browse’ page providing viewing by theme and genre, aggregating content across all channels on Sky Go

• Personalised Sky Cinema recommendations – suggesting movies based on genre, ‘Because you watched’ and, ‘More like this’

• A Recordings page where Sky Q customers can view and control upcoming recordings and series links

• Enhanced accessibility and better navigation features to make it easier for visually impaired customers to use the app. The video player has been improved so that they can now pause and skip the videos. Voiceover lets customers hear a description of everything they click on, font size can be increased without losing functionality and colours can be inverted for greater contrast

Sky has confirmed that the app will be available this summer on iOS, Android, Amazon Fire devices and Amazon app store as well as on PC and MAC.

Customers will be able to update their existing app, or download the new version from the Google Play, Apple and Amazon app stores for free.

It’s also worth remembering that if you also subscribe to Sky Mobile, you can continue to take advantage of unlimited streaming of Sky shows, movies and sports on Sky Go with Sky Mobile Watch, which enables streaming on the go anywhere in the UK and EU, without using any data allowance.

The news of this latest Sky Go update comes after the TV firm announced another important change.

The update, which is being pushed out over this month, now shows in-depth information about the content of movies on its service.

This means customers will get easy access to a range of ratings including the level of violence, bad language and educational value of what they are about to view.

Sky says that its Parents’ Guide is designed to help families choose movies that are not only age-appropriate but also educational, so kids can make the most of the time they spend watching TV.

Once the update arrives on the Sky Q box customers will then see a new Guide menu when they select a movie from Sky Cinema, Sky Store or from a partner movie channel.

The guide then provides a unique zero-to-five rating for each film across seven different categories including: Violence & Scariness • Positive Messages • Consumerism • ’Sexy Stuff’ • Positive Role Models & Representation • Language • Drinking, Drugs & Smoking • Educational Value.