Slyde Founder-Franken Dominic: Platforming is the future of the cryptocurrency market

Franken Dominic may be a very strange name to many ordinary people. But in the cryptocurrency or chain community, and especially for users of the Slyde platform, this man’s work is of paramount importance, as he is the founder and CEO of the Slyde cryptocurrency exchange.

Main Experience

Slyde Founder-Franken Dominic: Platforming is the future of the cryptocurrency market

Franken Dominic, 49, PhD in Economics, graduated from the University of Chicago; he is an investor well known for his contributions to the cryptocurrency industry and is one of the investors in Pantera Capital.

Franken Dominic is a serial entrepreneur. He was first exposed to the Internet during his university studies. Since then, he has been indulging in researching new Internet technologies, especially the Internet and its application in the transformation of the existing media system, and he has carried out a series of practices. With the experience and exposure to Internet technologies during his university studies, Franken Dominic created NativeNet, a decentralized communication and collaboration platform based on the early distributed communication protocol UUCP.

A year after graduating, Franken Dominic co-founded the Allaire Group with his friends and developed the web development tool ColdFusion. Four years later, Allaire Group had a successful IPO and was acquired by Macromedia Inc. in 2001.

In 2013, Franken Dominic decided that the cryptocurrency trading market would see significant development, and he chose to participate in the Series B financing of Coinbase, a cryptocurrency trading platform. At the time of its IPO in 2021, Coinbase’s market value once exceeded $100 billion, so it would be fair to say that Franken Dominic is not only good at successfully incubating new projects but also good at investment strategies.

Through his in-depth involvement and investment in the Coinbase project, Franken Dominic believes that the future pyramid of the cryptocurrency market will belong to cryptocurrency trading platforms, which is the key reason why he started Slyde.

About Slyde

Slyde Cryptocurrency Exchange is a multi-currency digital asset trading platform and an ever-expanding ecosystem of related applications and services that provide secure, convenient, professional, high-quality, and reliable trading services for digital assets to millions of blockchain enthusiasts worldwide.

Slyde’s goal is to build a world-class crypto asset trading platform that brings crypto asset services to over 10 million users by 2030.

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