If your current mobile contract has come to an end then now could be a good time to go shopping. The SMARTY network has just announced that it is cutting the cost of its totally unlimited SIM to just £18 per month which makes it one of the cheapest ways to get all you can eat access to the web.

Along with that unlimited data, there’s also unlimited calls and texts. But that’s not all. One of the most popular reasons for moving to this network is that it doesn’t ask you to sign up for a long term contract.

That basically means if something else better comes along, or you simply don’t think you need unlimited data anymore, you can ditch this provider and move to another supplier without having to wait,

SMARTY, which uses Three’s 3G and 4G signal, says this unlimited SIM deal is available until July 13. Now, before you rush to hit the order button it is worth noting that this offer does not include access to the latest 5G data speeds.

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If you were to stick with SMARTY for 24-months then you’d pay a total of £432 – that’s £12 more and there’s no 5G. There are of course plenty of other deals on the market right now with Vodafone offering 160GB of 5G data for the price of 20GB.

EE also has its 120GB 5G-ready SIM for £20 per month. It’s worth noting that to get 5G speeds you will also need a 5G-ready smartphone such as the new iPhone 12 or Galaxy S21.

It’s worth checking that your device is compatible with this service before signing up.


SMARTY – £18 per month
INCLUDES • Unlimited data, calls and text
BONUS• You can leave at any time

EE – £20 per month
INCLUDES – 120GB data, unlimited calls and texts
BONUS – Plan is 5G-ready

THREE – £20 per month
INCLUDES – Unlimited data, unlimited calls and texts
BONUS – Plan is 5G-ready and you get first 6 months half price

O2 – £20 per month
INCLUDES – 120GB data, unlimited calls and texts
BONUS – Includes 6 months of Disney+ for free

VODAFONE – £20 per month
INCLUDES – 160GB data, unlimited calls and texts
BONUS – 8X extra data and includes 5G