Currys PC World has a new promotion that’s sure to appeal to coffee-lovers nationwide. Following a two-fold increase in sales of coffee machines during lockdown – and a staggering one coffee machine sold every minute in August, Currys PC World has a new deal that means you could land a brand-new coffee machine for free.

Thanks to the limited-time deal, anyone who buys a new coffee machine from a Currys PC World – online or in one of the brick-and-mortar stores – now has a 1-in-20 chance of getting a complete refund for the purchase. Not all coffee machines are eligible, but there’s a pretty chance your favourite brand will be included.

And the promotion even applies if you buy the coffee machine with Currys PC World’s credit offering, which lets customers walk away and start brewing with the new coffee machine now and pay the balance in six months interest-free. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to be one in 20, you won’t even have to pay that remaining balance in six months as it’ll have been wiped.

So, which machines are eligible for the offer? Well, it only applies to machines costing £99 and over. Other than that, whether you’re looking for a machine that uses capsules or freshly ground beans – the choice is yours. The promotion runs until December 23, 2020 so your Christmas present could be free too.

Customers who want a chance to win their money back will need to enter the competition at during the 10-day redemption window for any £99 or pricier coffee machine from Currys PC World. As you might expect, this limited redemption window only kicks in 32-42 days after the purchase (otherwise you could just return the machine to your local store after trying your luck in the competition).

Currys PC World has offered customers this very generous offer before… albeit with Smart TVs instead of coffee machines.

Ed Connolly, Currys PC World Chief Commercial Officer, said: “We’ve already seen great demand for our fantastic range of coffee machines this year, particularly in August when it seemed many Brits confidently headed back to our stores. With people continuing to spend more time at home and working from home looking as though it is the new normal for many over the next six months, we predict a further increase in coffee machine sales over the coming autumn and winter months.