Sonos is teasing its next collaboration with Swedish furniture supremo IKEA. The first team-up between IKEA and Sonos launched back in 2019, when the companies unveiled the Symfonisk, which was available as a bookshelf speaker and built into the base of a tablet lamp. Unlike what we’ve come to expect from Sonos, both of these products were remarkably affordable.

Starting from £89, around half the price of the Sonos One – despite sharing almost all of the same speaker components inside to power its sound, the Wi-Fi connected bookshelf speaker is designed to be positioned horizontally or vertically on (surprise, surprise) a bookshelf. A mount, sold separately, lets you secure the speaker to the wall horizontally to use it as a shelf or a bedside table. Coloured front panels to customise the look of the speaker are also available.

Both the bookshelf and the lamp variants are controlled using the same Sonos app as the Sonos Five, Sonos Beam, and other gadgets from the company. The collaborations with IKEA will also tie-in to any existing Sonos kit set-up around your home, which makes them massively appealing to those who have already invested in the ecosystem as well as first-timers browsing the shelves of IKEA looking for a bargain.

And now, the two firms are back with more.

As spotted by the sharp-eyed team at Pocket-Lint, Sonos’ Instagram account is now teasing a new iteration of the design-led speakers. “Looks Like Symfonisk,” reads a tagline in their latest Instagram Stories video, before presenting both company logos. And that’s it.

New Sonos Roam is the firm’s most affordable and portable speaker ever

When confronted about the teaser trailer, a spokesperson for Sonos confirmed there were definitely “products we’re working on together,” but neglected to reveal what exactly is in the pipeline for the Symfonisk range, or when we’re likely to see it.

However, a source within the company speaking to gadget blog The Verge has revealed that a second-generation table lamp is one of the products being worked on by the two companies. Sonos and IKEA are also planing a picture frame that packs Sonos’ trademark speaker technology inside – so you can mount your favourite wall art or family photo onto the wall and also use it to blast your favourite playlist during the next house party you’re planning.

Codenamed “Titan” by the two companies, it’s unclear whether this will be sold as a standalone wall frame, or whether it will be an attachment that works with IKEA”s existing – and pretty extensive – range of frames.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a new Sonos speaker to add to your smart home, the company recently launched its second portable speaker, the Sonos Roam, which lets you add to your speaker set-up at home, and then take the tunes with you into the garden, by the poolside, or the beach. With a 10-hour battery and water-resistant design, the Roam is squarely aimed at the likes of the UE Boom and JBL Flip ranges.