Special Stories of CTG in the Winter

Every sleep, every meal, every detail may influence the outcome of a competition. Logistics including catering and accommodation are of significant importance in any major sports event.

As the official service provider of accommodation and catering for the Beijing Winter Olympics in the Zhangjiakou area, the 2,000-member team of China Tourism Group will provide all the food and accommodation service.

The main reception hotels in Zhangjiakou, such as Metropark Hotel Xueruyi Zhangjiakou, Kew Green Hotel Xueruyi Zhangjiakou and Grand MetroPark Hotel Xingyuan Zhangjiakou, are under direct operation and management of CTG Hotel Holdings Corporation Limited.

CTG also provides services including tea breaks and food delivery for guests in Genting Snow Park, National Cross Country Skiing Center, National Ski Jumping Center, and National Biathlon Center in Zhangjiakou Area.

“It is our united aspiration to host a successful event. The preparation has come to a critical moment for the final sprint.” Chen Yin, Chairman of CTG, said during his inspection of the preparation work of the service team in Zhangjiakou Village on January 11th. He also said that China Tourism Group will contribute to successfully hosting a “Simple, Safe and Wonderful” event.

To ensure the successful opening of Zhangjiakou Village on January 27th, 2022, the service team of China Tourism Group participated in the all-factor tests at the end of 2021 to check the preliminary preparatory work, and completed the test of receiving nearly 10,000 people dining in the dining hall, as well as the catering service test of Genting venue and Guyangshu venue. The professionalism of the CTG service team is highly recognized.

In the meantime, CTG Tourist Vehicle is also fully engaged in the service work for the event. It successfully transported 22,000 people to designated places. The campaign of “Passionate snow, a shared championship for 300 million people engaging ice activities” held by CTG Travel Services Corporation Limited aims to promote the high-quality development of China’s ice and snow tourism in the future.

Every team member of CTG is ready to break through the limitation, contribute and expect brilliant shining moments.

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