SPOTIFY DOWN – UPDATE TWO: The Spotify issues that caused the app to crash or not work properly on iOS today should now be resolved.

The official Spotify Status Twitter account confirmed everything should be work as normal today in a tweet just before 2pm BST today.

The account posted: “Good news! Everything is good to go and looking happy. Still having issues? Give @SpotifyCares a tweet.”

SPOTIFY DOWN – UPDATE ONE: Spotify fans have got an update about the app issues that are causing the programme to crash or not open on iOS.

The Spotify down issues that have hit today has reportedly been caused by an issue with Facebook and their software developer kit (SDK) for iOS.

This has led to a number of apps, including Spotify, being hit with crashes and login problems.

Facebook has said in a post online that they are currently investigating these issues.

ORIGINAL: Spotify down reports are surging in right, with thousands of users of the hugely popular music streaming app having issues with it crashing or not working.

Independent outage monitor Down Detector has today seen a massive spike in Spotify down reports, with thousands of reported problems recorded.

According to the Down Detector outage map the Spotify down issues are mainly affecting users in the UK and Europe as well as parts of the US.

As the Spotify app issues hit users flocked to Twitter to report problems with the service, with many saying they’re having issues running the programme on iPhone iOS devices.

One Spotify user tweeted: “Spotify is down, I cant work without my jams bro sort it out”.

Another posted: “Since spotify is down I’m actually listening to that free U2 album that Apple gave us all”.

One Spotify user added: “I have reset my phone and my Spotify is still not working #SpotifyDown”.

And another wrote: “Updated, deleted and installed, turned my phone off only to find out spotify is not working for everyone #SpotifyDown”.

At the peak of the outage so far Down Detector UK has registered over 10,000 reports of Spotify down.

While has recorded a peak of over 12,000 reports of Spotify down.

The official Spotify Status Twitter account has confirmed that the app is experiencing issues today and they’ve got people investigating it.

The @SpotifyStatus Twitter posted: “Something’s out of tune. We’re currently investigating, and we’ll keep you posted here!”

As the Spotify issues hit the hashtags #Spotify and #Spotifydown were trending on Twitter as was rival streaming service Apple Music.

Plenty of memes were posted about Spotify users considering switching to Apple Music, or from users of Apple’s streaming service poking fun at Spotify.

One posted: “Could never happen to us Apple Music users”.

Another tweeted: “Apple Music ain’t looking so bad now is it”.

And one wrote: “Apple Music dancing now because Spotify is slacking #Spotify”.