Is your Spotify not working? Well, don’t worry – you’re alone. Hundreds of Spotify users are complaining about problems with the music streaming app, which is purportedly preventing them playing tracks, playlists, or searching for artists. Independent website Downdetector, which tracks the scale of issues with online services by monitoring the number of mention on social media, has recorded more than 500 reports each minute from users across the globe insisting Spotify isn’t working properly.

When mapped-out, these complaints show European countries like the UK, France and Germany appear to be the hardest hit. Some parts of the US were also said to be affected. can confirm our Spotify account is only letting us stream saved songs at the time of writing, with new tracks unable to play.

As you’d expect, Spotify users wanting to power through the last day of the working week with their favourite tunes are understandably disappointed at the outage.

One user took to Twitter and said: “Bro I can’t believe Spotify is actually down, my death has come.”

A second wrote: “Y’all is Spotify UK down or is it just me?”

A third declared: “Spotify is down. It’s not allowing me to search for artists or music.”

As noted above, it seems many Spotify users are unable to leverage the app’s search functionality, with it failing to produce any results whatsoever. will be updating this page with the latest server status for WhatsApp.