Spotify Premium subscribers are being offered a great sounding free gift. Google and the streaming service have joined forces to offer users a Nest Mini smart speaker and the most impressive news is the deal is open to “all eligible new and existing Spotify Premium individual, Family, Duo and Student master account holders in the UK.”

As a result, the offer is open to both those who have paid for Spotify for years and others considering acquiring Spotify Premium for the first time.

Some Spotify users have been concerned this ‘too-good-to-be-true’ deal is a scam, with one Twitter user writing: “Why can’t I redeem my google nest offer from Spotify?? Is this a scam?”

Another posted: “My Dad didn’t want to sign up for the free Google nest from Spotify as he thought it sounded like a scam… Like, someone was going to steal his carefully curated playlists.”

A third said: “Anyone else been offered a Google nest mini for having Spotify prem??? Or do I smell a scam?”

However, can assure you this is a real deal thanks to Google and Spotify teaming up.

However, Google told this site customers should not be concerned.

The Silicon Valley said: “We confirm that this partnership is definitely in place, and this is in fact the second time we are offering such a deal with Spotify.”

How to claim your free Google Nest Mini speaker:

Spotify’s basic Premium music service costs £9.99 a month for one person and £12.99 a month for two UK users.

Premium’s Duo plan is intended for users living at the same address.

For £14.99 a month you can acquire the Family plan, which is valid for a maximum of six users living together.

But the Student Plan only costs £4.99 per month, for users enrolled at university eligible.

What is new about the Google Nest Mini speaker?

Released late last year, Google’s Nest Mini speaker is essentially the successor to the Google Home Mini 2.

Little has really changed with the speaker’s design.

However, the Nest Mini’s internals have received a significant upgrade – all for the same price.

Costing £49, one of the most welcome changes to the Nest Mini is the introduction of a small indentation in the back.

This means users can wall-mount the Nest Mini anywhere you can hammer in a nail in the wall for it to hang from.

This opens up a whole new range of spots for the speaker to be used in the home or office.

A new colour Sky has been released, to complement the selection’s Chalk, Charcoal, and Coral.

The Nest Mini speaker is also more sustainable too, with the main plastic casing using 35 percent recycled plastic.

And the fabric mesh is made from recycled bottles, with a single 500ml water bottle providing enough plastic to build two Nest Minis.