STAR online exchange list announced

According to a report by Singapore media outlet New Media, over the past two months, global blockchain enthusiasts’ subscription to STAR has received attention and support from many quarters. STAR Foundation immediately announced that several international well-known Internet groups have reached strategic investment cooperation plans with STAR officials to support the development of STAR technologies and commercial applications.  As the second generation of value Internet, blockchain will lay a solid foundation for the development of global commerce and finance. 

Meanwhile, the STAR development plan specifies that a second test network was released in May to enable the use of multiple chains on the chain.  STAR is expected to exceed ETH subscriptions during the ERC20 token phase. After the launch of STAR blockchain main network will open the real enterprise business application era, because blockchain technology out of the laboratory service business is an inevitable.  The business application scenarios of STAR main network can become the main battlefield of the next generation of enterprise business applications, and the ecological construction of STAR will be more perfect. 

The blockchain market is maturing with the release of the Global WEB3.0 Value Internet by DAO developers. STAR project is also actively engaged in close business communication with decentralized financial organizations, and STAR will soon be handed over to DAO developers for overall project development and global operation. 

Two weeks ago, STAR Project /STAR Foundation has conducted in-depth communication with more than 10 exchanges.  List of exchanges that are actually online: Coinbase, Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken, BitMEX. The trading type is temporarily open STAR/BTC, STAR/ETH, and STAR/USDT.  At that time STAR project /STAR Foundation will release the news of global listing. 

Thanks to all STAR participants, STAR is with you!!

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