Star Wars: Reborn, the most anticipated Metaverse game in 2022

Star Wars: Reborn with powerful IP, is definitely the most anticipated Metaverse game in 2022. Although the details of the game have not been officially announced, according to the Hollywood Reporter, the well-known director Dwayne winning the auction planet Zero of the game for $640000. Dwayne said that a super Hollywood will be built on planet Zero, and many Hollywood stars are expected to participate.

The Reborn officials said that the game opened a total of 1001 planets, and every player can participate in the construction of these planets. Compared with the previous version of star wars, this version of the game is more interesting. Players can own the assets of these planets, build their own planets by themselves or hire other players, join the United Nations of planets, or form teams to defend the planets or attack other planets.

Another game, Decentraland, where players buy land, raised more than $20 million in 2017. Decentraland’s virtual property has become the virtual property with the largest trading volume on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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