TalkTalk customers could finally be treated to the broadband speeds they deserve. The UK internet service provider (ISP) has confirmed plans to launch full fibre (FTTP) to homes as early as next month, which will not only make things faster but also more reliable.

TalkTalk says a soft rollout will start in July after initial trials proved successful and it’s thought this ultrafast option will beam the web into living rooms at well over 200Mbps. Since this faster system uses new fibre cabling, speeds should stay more stable no matter how many people are using the internet at the same time.

To make this happen TalkTalk will be using Openreach to deploy the faster speeds to consumers. However, there’s no word yet on which areas of the UK will be first to get the boost.

In a statement to, a TalkTalk spokesperson said: “As our lives increasingly move online, access to fast, reliable and affordable broadband has never been so important.

“Following our successful rollout of full fibre in the north east through FibreNation and our recent Openreach trials, we are delighted that we’ll be able to bring ultrafast connectivity to more customers in July.”

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TalkTalk currently offers customers a number of packages, including Faster 150 Fibre, which features downloads at average speeds of 145Mbps – that’s three times faster than the average UK speed. However, the current hybrid option isn’t supplied by full fibre – so many of the benefits, like the ability to maintain high speeds when used by multiple people, aren’t present right now.

As TalkTalk explains on its website, Faster 150 Fibre uses special equipment to supercharge the copper wires to give customers more consistent and reliable connections. But once full fibre arrives in homes, it could mean TalkTalk users see speeds in excess of 200Mbps – that’s fast enough to download a full high definition (HD) movie in under three minutes.

TalkTalk is following in the footsteps of Sky broadband with the latest upgrade. Like TalkTalk, Sky is leveraging the new full fibre cable being laid by Openreach.

Sky recently confirmed that it has also started offering this fibre upgrade to customers in existing Openreach FTTP areas. Over the coming months, Sky will be ramping up this activity with FTTP becoming available to all existing Sky customers. This is great news for consumers as this technology is not only faster than what Sky currently offers but should also bring improved reliability.

Although not confirmed, some reports have suggested that Sky’s top fibre speed at launch will be around 280Mbps.